How Long After Breast Implants Can I Start Weight Lifting?


Women who like workouts cannot get away from this routine for long. That is why many women come to Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai and ask about the time span after which they can resume their activity. After the surgery for breast augmentation in Dubai, a considerable amount of time is needed for complete recovery, so that you can resume your activities easily.

Working out with weights can give women any amazing body structure and make them stronger inside out. A lot of fat can be lost with weightlifting and women who want to lose weight can definitely like that. There are women who go for a breast augmentation surgery in Dubai because they fell that their breasts are no longer that big after weight lifting. There are some important things for these women to consider if they want to resume lifting after the procedure.

What Should You Know?

Women body is aunique structure, so are the breasts, made up of soft fats and connective tissues. When a woman’s body lose fat, the breasts are definitely affected too. Basically, the breasts muscles behind the bust area work with the flex of shoulders and are moved when you exercise. Those exercises that involve the pectoral muscles a lot are most likely to cause discomfort to your treated area if you had the breast implant surgery in Dubai. So, it’s better not to resume your workouts right after the surgery. Take the best recommendation from your surgeon about that.

If you had an implant based breast augmentation surgery in Dubai, then insertion and placement of implants should also be taken into consideration. Every woman has a different body structure, muscle thickness,and body’s anatomy. So, the final decision of implant placement is made accordingly. Commonly, the implant insertion is done under the breast fold to allow a better view and there are fewer chances for any damage to the implants while placement.

The placement is either under the muscle or above it. For athletes, the placement under the muscle is preferable due to low body fat. Discuss with your aesthetic surgeon and be sure if you have any concerns. So that, the surgeon can recommend you an estimated time for your workout revival, accordingly.

Post Op Weight Lifting

At breast Surgery Clinic, the board-certifiedsurgeons usually recommend a light cardio exercise in first few weeks after breast augmentation surgery in Dubai. The purpose is not to move your upper body this time. After almost six weeks, one can resume the lifting training but start from the low impact. Lifting early can interfere with proper healing and recovery and can affect the normal placement of implants.

The weight lifting that involves moving your chest muscles must be resumed at least after 8-12 weeks after your breast augmentation treatment in Dubai. Start slowly with light weights, then move forward to heavy lifts. Consult your instructor for good breathing techniques as you are resuming from a big break. Contraction of the chest muscles while lifting can compress your implants, so, moving your joints with slow motion and controlled movement can keep you comfortable. Don’t forget to wear the support bra for more comfort and safety of implants

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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