The Importance of Breast Surgery

The breast surgery has gained so much fame in the recent years that it became one of the most important cosmetic treatment. Certain factors played a pivotal role in normalizing breast augmentation. The last decade marked by the change of the breast reduction from a ‘need’ to a ‘demand’. The choice of breast implants is critical and the nature of the results depends on it.

Who We Are?

Breast Surgery Clinic is one of the best breast surgery clinics in the UAE. In the UAE, have earned repute for the following, to name a few;

  • Micro-breast surgery using one's own tissue
  • Customized solutions for each individual need
  • Internationally qualified and renowned breast reconstruction surgeon
  • Post pregnancy, weight loss, and cancer breast reconstructive procedures

Dr. Ken Arashiro

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Federico Di Francesco MD

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Prof Dr. Robert Hierner

Prof Dr. Robert Hierner

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon

What We Do?

We are the leaders in the field of the breast surgery in general, and the breast reconstruction in particular. Breast surgery is the new normal in cosmetic surgery business. There is an increasing demand for different breast surgeries, especially the breast reconstruction surgery. The following is a brief detail about our treatments.

Treatments We Cover

We take pride to mention that we offer all kinds of breast surgery treatments. We have more than one solution to each single breast-related problem. Breast reconstruction is one of our areas of specialties. Please see below a list of our important procedures;

  • Breast Surgery
    • Breast Lift
    • Breast Implant
    • Breast Reduction
    • Breast Fat Transfer
    • Breast Augmentation
    • Minimally Invasive Breast Surgery
  • Breast Reconstruction
    • Tissue-Based Reconstruction
    • Breast Nipple Reconstruction
    • Implants Based Breast Reconstruction

The Techniques We Use

Whether it is the east or the west, breast reconstruction has no longer been taboo. The breast surgery is not as easy as it looks like. It requires a deep understanding of the procedure and experience in successfully performing it. We offer the cutting-edge breast surgery solutions at a reasonable cost. The techniques we use are based on the international best practices.

Our Team of Surgeons

Around the world, the journey towards a successful surgery is governed by a deep knowledge and experience in the field concerned. We have on board some of the finest breast surgeons in Dubai. Only the breast surgery experts know how to deliver the desired results. Our team of surgeons comprises on board certified plastic surgeons. Our surgeons bring a vast breast surgery experience to our clinic.


Why Choose Us?

We have an unwavering commitment toward customer satisfaction. We neither compromise on quality nor do we settle for the second best. By following these principles conservatively, we have always been able to deliver what we promise. There are many distinguishing features that make us prominent. Some of our core competencies include;

  • We offer reasonable rates
  • We offer a free consultation
  • We offer cutting-edge solutions
  • We have qualified and experienced surgeons
  • We have the most advanced treatment facility
  • We have one of the highest success rates in the UAE

Let us tell you what solution will best work for your problem. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our breast surgery experts in Dubai.

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