Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

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To achieve breasts that look youthful, full of volume, circular, and perkier, surgeons recommend a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift (mastopexy). In order to reposition the nipples that point downward, our surgeons recommend a breast lift with a breast enhancement procedure. At Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai, we position the nipples of our patients in a centralized and more youthful location by combining a breast augmentation procedure with a breast lift procedure. A breast implant is considerable in case a breast lift alone is not able to deliver the desired results. An implant increases the volume of the breast, especially in the upper pole of the breast.

It comes as no surprise that breasts are an important part of a woman body. It is not wrong if we say that the breasts are a sign of womanhood. It is true that women face bodily changes thought their life. As an important part of the body, breasts readily respond to bodily changes. The breast goes through changes during radical changes in the body, such as puberty, pregnancy, weight loss weight gain, etc.  Breast lift with augmentation surgeries in Dubai is famous for delivering desired results.

Some women are a victim of sagging breast, whereas, others are facing the problem of having small sized breast. Unfortunately, there are women who face sagging breast and small sized breast problem at the same time. Do not worry you do not need to have two treatments one after another. If you are facing this problem, you can have breath lift with augmentation. This duo will deliver the combined results of both surgeries without.


The Breast Augmentation Surgery aims at enhancing the size of the breast. On the other hand, breast lift surgery is poised towards lifting the sagging breast. Both these procedures are invasive and surgical. To lift a sagging breast, breast lift surgery is used. It works by changing & modifying the size, contour, and elevation of the breasts. It is also known as mastopexy. Breast enhancement is achieved with the help of a breast augmentation surgery. This surgery increases the size of the breast, and restores the lost breast volume with the help of breast implants or fat transfer. You are a candidate for breast lift augmentation surgery if;

  • You do not smoke and drink
  • You are more than 18 years of age
  • You are facing sagging breasts problem
  • Both of your breasts have different size
  • Your breast are smaller than your body size
  • Your breast have lost volume due to pregnancy
  • Your breasts are not proportionate to your body size
  • You have realistic expectations from the results of the surgery


The treatment is based on cutting-edge technology available in the market. The treatment is customizable and you can use breast lift technique of your choice. The treatment delivers guaranteed results. The treatment is performed under anesthesia and thus no pain is involved.


Like all other surgeries, there are some side effects as well. These side effects are nothing if we consider the huge benefits of the treatment. There is a downtime involved and you will have to take some medication to make heal early.


Augmentation and lifting of breast is the main goal of this surgery. the treatment aims at bringing your breasts to life by enhancing the lost size and volume; and by lifting the sagging breast.


The combination of these two treatments will definitely bring your breast to life. Your breasts will become proportionate to your body. The sagging will no longer exist. The size of the breast will increase. You will get the size of breasts that is proportionate to your body. You will regain the lost breast volume. Your breast with become proportionate with your body size.


The cost of breast surgery varies from person to person. If you want to know more about the cost of the treatment in your case, visit your breast surgery surgeon. At Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai, this treatment will cost you 35,000 AED.

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Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai is committed to bring your body to life. We offer the best treatments at a reasonable cost. If you want to know more about our treatments and our rates, please do not hesitate to contact us in confidence. We invite you for a free consultation session with one of our breast surgery experts in Dubai.


How will my breast lift scars heal?

Our surgeons make sure your scars are as inconspicuous as possible. It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to do this surgery without having scars. An expert limits scars to a minimum level.

What is the treatment for breast ptosis?

In most of breast ptosis cases, breast lift is the right treatment.

How does smoking affect the healing process?

After treatment, your tissue needs a good blood supply to heal the treated area. As a matter of fact, smoking causes our blood vessels to constrict. So smoking should be avoided after surgery.

Do I need to have a mammogram if I am interested in a breast lift?

Yes, you will have to have a mammogram before the surgery.

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