Saline Breast Implants

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Saline Breast Implants are silicon shells filled with sterile salt water, also known as Saline. Saline breast implants are a safe and risk free option for breast implants.

Some body parts define the way a woman looks. These body parts add beauty to the body of the women. It comes as no surprise that the breast is a vital part of every woman’s body. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with an ideal breast shape and size. If you are one of the women that are facing hard time coming to terms with the breast they naturally have, do not worry anymore. Saline breast implants can be a great success if you take proper care and select a board-certified plastic surgery specializing in breast augmentation.


You might be a perfect candidate for saline breast implants surgery if you fulfill the criteria for saline breast implants. The criteria for saline breast implants include but not limited to;

  • You are not pregnant or lactating.
  • You are more than 18 years of age.
  • You are in a good mental and physical health.
  • You want to enhance the shape and size of your breasts.
  • You are not a smoker of cigarette and drinker of alcohol.
  • You have realistic expectations with the results of the surgery.


The saline breast implants surgery is an important breast augmentation procedure that revolves around achieving many goals. Typically, the treatment aims at achieving the following goals;

  • To enhance the size of the breast.
  • To enhance the shape of the breast.
  • To lift the breast and to give it right shape.
  • To make you happy about your vital body parts.


The science behind a typical saline breast implants procedure is simple. In this procedure, saline filled breast implants are placed inside the breast. Saline-filled breast implants contain a silicone outer shell filled with a sterile saltwater (saline) solution. Some saline implants are pre-filled and some are filled during the procedure as per the needs of the patient.

You need not worry about the pain because the surgery will be performed under anesthesia. There is some downtime involved and you will have to take proper rest until the treatment area complete gets healed. The downtime associated with the procedure might seem a problem but do not fret, you will get well soon and say hello to the world again with a new look.


The implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution similar to the fluid that makes up most of the human body. The texture of a saline implant is very similar to the texture of normal bodily tissue. This property of saline implant gives a sense of belongingness with the person. The surgeon just needs to make a slight incision to place saline implants. It provides a little firmer feel than gel-filled implants. Moreover, it has a flexible volume which can be adjusted during the procedure.

Pre-Operation Care

You will receive instructions from your surgeon before surgery. The instruction of the doctor generally includes but not limited to the following;

  • You wear makeup on the day of the procedure.
  • You will have to take some medication before the surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink after midnight of the day of the procedure.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, you might need an additional surgery.
  • You will have to take some laboratory test weeks before the surgery.
  • You will not be able to take any medication without consulting your doctor.
  • You will have to stay at hospital for some time so that your doctor could monitor.

Post-Operation Care

The saline breast implant delivers amazing enhancement results in a short time but it takes some time to recover after the surgery.

  • You will have to wear a soft bra after the surgery.
  • You will be able to take shower a day after the surgery.
  • You will have to take care of the stitches after the surgery.
  • You will have to visit your surgeon regularly to have a proper checkup.
  • You will have to regularly take the medication prescribed by your doctor.
  • After placing saline implants, it would become difficult to take a mammogram.
  • You will have to avoid strenuous activities until you completely become normal.


Due to some reasons, the cost of Saline breast implants in Dubai is not fixed. It is due to the reason that different patients face a different kind of problem. Moreover, different clinics charge a different rate to patients. If you are curious about the cost of this surgery near you, please consult with your doctor. At Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai, the cost of typical saline breast implants ranges from 27,000 to 35,000 AED.

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When can I get back to my exercise routine?

You will be able to start walking slowly one week after the treatment. Then you will be able to start more aerobic activities if you feel comfortable. To do a little more strenuous work, you will wait till 2 weeks. The healing process might become long if implants are placed under the muscle.

How long will it take me to recover from my breast augmentation surgery?

The recovery period varies depending upon the placement of the implant in the breast. If the implant is placed over the muscle, the recovering period will be short. If the implant is placed over the muscle, the recovery period will increase by one or more days.

Should I be concerned about the brand of implant my plastic surgeon uses?

At the moment, there are only a few FDA approved breast implant manufacturer companies. All of these FDA approved breast implant manufacturers are making quality products that are tested for years to perfection. Therefore, the brand does not matter in general.

How do I know if I should have my implants placed over or under the muscle?

It is a very important topic. If you look forward to having saline implants, you have a small amount of natural breast tissue or a strong family history of breast cancer; choose submuscular (under the muscle). If you want silicone implants, have a large amount of natural tissue with saline implants or require a breast lift; go for subglandular (over the muscle) placement.

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