Tissue Based Breast Reconstruction

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Breast reconstruction using  tissues is another technique for breast reconstruction surgery nowadays. New tissues are added to the breast area of the body to improve the look and feel of the patient’s breasts. This treatment is also known as autologous tissue transfer, whereby tissues from different parts of the body are used.

The results of tissue-based breast reconstruction in Dubai last a lifetime and provide the most natural look and feel to the body. There are several types of this procedure. The duration of this procedure also varies from person to person but generally it’s between 2-5 hours. The treatment is usually done after mastectomy but in some cases, to improve the look and feel of the breasts.

Are you a Candidate?

There is a criterion that makes you a perfect candidate for this procedure. You are a perfect candidate if;

  • You are not a smoker and drinker.
  • You have a full or partial mastectomy.
  • You must have fully developed breast.
  • You are in a good physical and mental health.
  • You have realistic expectations with the results of the procedure.
  • You have astable weight and your body mass index is not more than 30.


  • This procedure aims at achieving many goals.
  • Improving the appearance of the breast.
  • Making both breasts proportional to each other.
  • It also makes breasts appear natural, supply, and soft.


This procedure is a little bit different than the other methods. We can divide the treatment into two main parts. In the first part of the treatment, the tissue is extracted from the body of the same person (the patient). In general, liposuction technique is used to remove the tissue from the body of the patient.

Tissue can be extracted from different areas of the body. In general, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs are the donor areas for tissue extraction. Once the tissue from the body of the patient is extracted, it is then used for reconstructing the breast. This second part of the procedure is relatively longer than the first part.

After Mastectomy

Mastectomy is a treatment procedure done to remove the breast completely.  In some mastectomy procedures; the breast with nipples is completely removed to prevent the breast cancer from spreading or it can be done to improve the cosmetic conditions of the patient. The autologous reconstruction means that the patient’s own skin is used to recreate the breasts so that the natural feel can be restored after the surgery, permanently.

  • The procedure is done in two days depending on the condition of the patient. The first stage, fat, and skin are loosened along with the muscles from the donor part of the body; the donor tissue is then tunneled to the breast area to create the new breast and the rest of the procedure is done without causing any harm to the arteries attached.
  • The other procedure works in a way that the fat cells are removed from the donor part of the body completely and they are then placed to the breast area to create a new breast and the arteries and veins connected to the tissue are cut and reattached under the arms.

Treatment Types

During this breast reconstruction procedure, the surgeon examines the body condition of the patient as the treatment type is dependent upon the donor site of the body that has excessive cells such as:

  • Abdomen/stomach (DIEP FLAP)
  • Hips/ buttocks (GAP)
  • Thighs (PAP)
  • Shoulder/back region (LATISSMUS DORSI FAP)


In DIEP Flap technique, the surgeon uses the excessive fat and skin from the belly to create a new breast. The procedure takes up to 8 hours and the breast feels natural. Excessive fat and skin are removed from the tummy resulting in a tummy tuck but it is not advised for women who plan on getting pregnant in near future. The treatment is also not advisable for non-smokers as well as women with circulatory problems.

GAP Flap

In this autologous reconstruction, the surgeon uses the excessive fat on the buttocks and hips of the women to recreate the breasts. Most of the breast sizes can be increased via this treatment and it also leaves the option for women to get pregnant in the near future. The treatment can be done immediately after the mastectomy and it can take up to 12 hours. The procedure can only be done by a surgeon with expertise in micro-surgery.

PAP Flap

In this autologous reconstruction procedure, the surgeon uses the muscles from the thighs to recreate the breasts. The procedure takes up to 5 hours and it is considered ideal for women who have had abdominal surgery before. Women with medium to small breasts are ideal candidates and it leaves room for women to be pregnant again.


The LATISSIMUS DORSI is a muscle located on the back of the body just above the armpits. It can be easily relocated to the breast area and provides for a fast treatment. The treatment requires up to 6 hours and it is ideal for women with medium to small breasts. The treatment allows the woman to be pregnant afterward and the breasts feel natural.

Benefits of Tissue-Based Breast Reconstruction Dubai

  • The biggest advantage is that the patient’s own skin is used and the breast feels natural again.
  • After the treatment, the changes can be seen shortly after and the breasts become firm, mobile and sag-free.
  • The treatment is permanent in nature and provides the best results.
  • The breasts are free of scars and the incisions are easily healed.
  • This procedure is available in four types so that you can easily choose the best suiting donor area accordingly.
  • It is suitable for every breast kind and provides the natural results.

The treatment is famous for reconstructing the breast with great care. It also helps the patient remove the extra deposits of tissues from different parts of the body.

Possible Downside

  • Takes more time to complete.
  • If the procedure is done by an inexperienced surgeon, it can result in a lot of pain afterward.
  • Swelling and redness on the donor area are felt for a long time and it can cause problems for women with circulatory problems, in addition to being devastating for smokers.
  • Can eliminate the chances of getting pregnant if DIEP Flap is used.

Pre-Operation Care

There is a need to take proper care before autologous tissue breast reconstruction. The patient needs to take prescribed medication properly. The patient should not use any medication without consulting with her doctor.

Post-Operation Care

There is a need to take due care after autologous tissue breast reconstruction. The treatment involves healing and recovery of two parts of the body. The patient has to stay at the hospital for a few days. That is why there is a need to take care of the sutures until they healed. Avoid heavy activities for some time and take healthy diet and drinks.


The cost of Tissue-based breast reconstruction in Dubai not only varies from person to person, but it also varies from techniques. There are some factors that shape the total cost of the treatment. If you want to know the exact cost, please contact Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai. We are also offering affordable cost structure with discount offers.

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