Vertical Breast Lift Surgery

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Introduction to Vertical Breast Lift Surgery

A vertical breast lift surgery is also known as a lollipop breast lift. Mostly this surgery is performed for those candidates who have breasts that that don’t droop too much and have their nipples either at, or just slightly below, the level of the inframammary fold. Therefore, vertical breast lift surgery is best performed if the distance between the nipple and the inframammary fold is short. In such cases the excess skin does not amount to too much.

A vertical breast lift surgery, or a lollipop breast lift, is going to help the candidate by elevating the nipple position, allowing the reduction in the size of the areola and by tightening the breast through the reduction of skin only horizontally.


Several people make a mistake by forcing the surgeon to go through a lollipop or vertical breast lift surgery, because other people have gone through the same. One must consider the fact that each person has a separate condition and no two breasts can be the same. Therefore, always ask the surgeon what he prefers should be the perfect solution to your breast problems.

This vertical breast lift surgery is performed on candidates who do not have a lot excess skin between the nipple and the inframammary fold. Mostly women who are less than the age of 45 still have their breasts drooping, but they don’t really have a lot of distance between their nipple and the fold. Such candidates are the perfect choice to perform the lollipop or vertical breast lift surgery.


The goals of the lollipop or vertical breast lift surgery are simple. The surgery should:

  1. Tighten the breasts through the horizontal reduction of skin.
  2. Elevate the position of the nipple.
  3. Allow the size of the areola to be reduced.


The process of a lollipop or a vertical breast lift surgery is considered to be the simplest in terms of breast surgeries. The whole operation should not take more time; as compared to the anchor incision breast lift in which the doctor has to concentrate on vertical and horizontal skins, both. In this case the doctor only needs to take care of excess skin that’s present horizontally and that is why it is expected that only a vertical mark is drawn on the breast prior to the surgery.

The first step the surgeon is going to take is that he/she will make a circular incision on the current areola. Once the circular incision is made, the surgeon then decides whether the size should be reduced in accordance to the breasts or not. Once the decision is taken, then the next step is performed.

Next, the surgeon will make an open circular incision on the upper portion of the breasts. This helps identity the new location of the nipple that the surgeon is trying to target. Once the surgery finishes, the nipples are expected to end up higher, or lower, in accordance with the size of the breast that is expected to come out.

After this step, the doctor makes vertical incisions right from the edges of the open incisions he/she performed in the previous step. These incisions go all the way to the inframammary fold. The pigmented areolar areas are avoided in the process. Once the incisions join at the inframammary fold area, it makes up a triangle.

Then, small amount of skin is removed from between the circular incisions and then according to the targets, more skin is undermined from either side of the areola. This skin is then moved to an elevated position. Right at the midline, the skin below the areola is then sutured together. The surgery ends after the surgeon is confirmed the skin has been completely sutured together.

Pre-Operation Care

Before the surgery is performed you must make sure that at least 2 weeks prior to the operation you have followed a good routine in terms of health and diet. It is best that you avoid smoking during this time period as well. Make sure that in case your doctor has asked you to go through a pre-operative testing routine, you follow suit and do whatever he/she has asked you to do.

Start shopping for your post-surgery bra as well. There should be no under wires, and you should make sure that it’s a breathable fabric so that you do not feel uncomfortable after the operation is complete. Some surgeons carry their own bras but not all women are comfortable in them.

Make sure that you are not taking any medicines that are not expected from you. Always ask the surgeon whether you are allowed to eat a certain medicine before the operation or not. It is also expected that you wax or shave your under-arm region because it later becomes uncomfortable after surgery. Make sure you do not wear any cosmetics or jewellery either.

Post-Operation Care

In case drainage tubes have been placed, then you may shower after 48 hours of your surgery. Make sure that you do not expose your scars to the sun at least for 12 months (1 year). A strong sunblock may come in handy during this time period.

Try to keep steri-strips on and keep the incisions clean and wipe them daily. In case there is any sign of infection you must rush to your surgeon immediately, such things are not to be taken lightly.

During the time your sutures or drains are in place, you are not allowed to soak yourself in the tub. Once the surgeon prescribes something, take it seriously and make sure you follow suit. Try to keep your surgical bra on for as long as you can (throughout the day is preferable).


Since this is a proper cosmetic surgery, the cost of the whole process ranges between $4000-$9000, depending upon what the surgeon was required to do.

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