BRAVA Breast Augmentation


BRAVA Breast Augmentation is a revolutionary technique that was introduced back in 2000’s, provides breast enhancement solutions without going under the knife or any lengthy discomforts and downtime. Bigger, firmer and perky breasts are most women’s dreams. Until now, only surgical breast augmentation and enlargement were available. 

BRAVA Breast Augmentation has no downtime and can be done constantly on the go. The procedure is done by wearing a bra-type device that has domes that stick to the breast. The pressure is monitored through an electrical device. In addition, the BRAVA Breast Augmentation device is built in such a way that the patient can keep on with most of their daily activities while wearing it.

The BRAVA Breast Augmentation technique, which is used mostly for breast reconstruction uses the fat transfer method. The process is considered to be the fastest breast reconstruction procedure that has very minimal or zero pain and downtime.


In order to qualify as a perfect candidate for BRAVA breast augmentation procedure, you will have to fulfill the criteria for this treatment. The criteria for this treatment includes but not limited to the following;

  • You do not smoke and drink
  • You are not pregnant and lactating
  • You are more than 18 years of age
  • You have relatively small sized breast
  • You are in good mental and physical health


BRAVA Breast Augmentation Dubai is a clinically proved breast enhancement technique that is used around the world. There are many goals this treatment tries to achieve. Some of the important goals include;

  • To deliver desired breast enhancement results
  • To deliver breast augmentation without surgery
  • To provide a significant increase in the size of the breast
  • To deliver breast augmentation through an easy method
  • To deliver long-lasting and natural-looking breast enhancement results

BRAVA Breast Augmentation Procedure

The BRAVA device comes in the form of a tissue expander that works externally. The treatment is FDA approved and doesn’t require any surgery, lots of medication or creams. BRAVA Breast Augmentation Dubai is done by putting on the BRAVA device over the breast area and it starts working automatically. Tissue expansion is done by applying negative pressure to the breasts. This allows the client to achieve the following results:

  • Better shaped breasts
  • Bigger cup
  • Equal pressure on both breasts results in even breast size
  • Breast augmentation on the go
  • Painless treatment that works while you sleep

This breast augmentation technique is considered one of the most affective breast augmentation procedures. This is because BRAVA Breast Augmentation Dubai technique requires neither any supervision nor any procedural care. The technique usually starts showing results after three months, with perfectly shaped and sized breasts showing after twenty weeks. It is advisable to consult a board certified and experienced surgeon before getting started on the procedure. This is because ones skin can have a negative reaction to the device’s silicone, leading to bruises and rashes.

BRAVA Breast Reconstruction procedure

BRAVA Breast Augmentation is also used in the fat transfer method for breast reconstruction. This is because it allows the breast to expanded allowing for the injection of the autologous fat. The injection of the fat is repeated several times in order to achieve the perfect shape and size of the breasts. Breast augmentation and reconstruction achieved with the BRAVA technique is considered a permanent solution and doesn’t require any post procedural care.

BRAVA Breast Augmentation Pros

The BRAVA breast augmentation treatment is very beneficial and aims at achieving many goals. The following is a list of important benefits of BARAVA breast augmentation procedure;

  • If the BRAVA Breast Augmentation procedure is done by an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon, then it can augment and enlarge breasts independently.
  • BRAVA breast augmentation is cost effective compared to other surgical treatments.
  • No pain is felt during the BRAVA procedure and good breast shape is achieved.
  • The technique gives good breast lifting results easily and it can be applied anytime even before going to sleep as it works gently.
  • During the ongoing BRAVA Breast Augmentation Dubai procedure, you can resume most of your daily activities including going to work.
  • The BRAVA device works automatically and sets the pressure accordingly on each of the breasts to keep the treatment uniform.
  • It works as a tissue expander and can also be used in different types of breast reconstruction.

BRAVA Breast Augmentation Cons

  • The BRAVA breast reconstruction process takes over a month which is seven times more than other reconstruction processes combined.
  • To achieve breast enlargement with BRAVA, one would need to wear the device for about ten hours daily.
  • The technique takes time to show results, which is a minimum of twenty weeks.
  • Due to the constant suction (1o hrs), the breasts end up feeling sweaty which can lead to skin irritation.
  • BRAVA is said to be slower in effectiveness and requires application everyday for twenty weeks.

Cost Of BRAVA Breast Augmentation

Due to some reasons, the cost of BRAVA Breast Augmentation in Dubai is not fixed. It is due to the reason that different patients face a different kind of problem. Moreover, different clinics charge a different rate to patients. If you are interested in knowing the cost of the BRAVA breast augmentation in Dubai, you should visit our clinic. At Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai, a typical BRAVA breast augmentation is offered at a reasonable price.



How much does the BRAVA system cost?

The cost of BRAVA system varies from places to places. The cost also differ from person to person and from clinic to clinic. In some parts of the world, a typical BRAVA procedure costs from $1,000 to $2,000.

What is the recovery time for this procedure?

The full recovery time is about 3 month. At the end of the 3rd month, the soreness will be completely disappeared. You can expect getting back to the desk work within 1 to 2 weeks.

How long does the BRAVA process take from start to finish?

You visit your doctor for MRI and then you will order BRAVA. You will have to wear BRAVA system for 3 to 5 weeks before the procedure. You can wear BRAVA system from 10 to 12 hours per day. You can use it while you are asleep. In the meantime, you will be sending the photos of your breasts to your doctor on a weekly basis. You will wear it on the day of treatment and your doctor will take it off.

How long does a patient have to wear the BRAVA before and after the procedure?

The time to wear the BRAVA before and after the procedure varies from person to persons. In general, about 3-5 weeks of usage prior to fat grafting is recommended. The rule of thumb is, the more you wear it, the more your breasts will grow; the result, more augmentation.

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