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Mommy makeover in Dubai is a three in one procedure that is made for the women who have had multiple children or had one child that changed her body contour entirely. The body goes through severe changes and ends up having excessive fats in the abdominal region, thighs, breasts and shoulder region. Mommy Makeover is couple of cosmetic surgery procedures put together to remove the excessive fats from parts of body where they aren’t required and moved to breast area to achieve perfect shape and size of the breasts whilst lower the excessive fats from parts of the body that are hard to eliminate otherwise

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Candidates For Mommy Makeover

As the name describes, mommy makeover is meant for mothers who have lost their figure after pregnancy. The process works in way that excessive fat cells from abdominal region, thighs and other parts are moved to the breast area via liposuction process. it allows the patient to get the best breast shape and size and lower the body fat at the same time. The ideal candidates for the treatment are following

  • Patients who want better breast size and shape
  • Patients suffering from sagging breasts
  • Fat moms with bad breast shape
  • Moms looking for tummy tuck and breast enhancement

The downside to the treatment is that the shape achieved through treatment is compromised if pregnancy is encountered again or excessive weight is gained; so it is normally advised for women not planning to get pregnant again.

Goals Of Mommy Makeover

Goals of the Mommy Makeover are to provide the patient with best breasts while reducing the side effects and providing great tummy tuck. The three step procedure not only returns the natural look and feel of the breasts but also gives better shape to the abdominal region. Basic goals of the treatment are as

  • Better shape and size of the breasts with minimal scarring and side effects
  • Better figure of the body by removing the excessive fats of abdominal region.
  • Return the youthful shape and figure overall.


The makeover surgery consists of three steps

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Breast Lift/ Augmentation/ Reduction.

Tummy tuck procedure is done first because the Liposuction and breast lift procedure are interconnected with each other. For tummy tuck procedure, the incisions are made in form of circle from hip-to-hip to extract out the excessive skin cells and to correct the position of inner girdle. Inner girdle gets stretched after the pregnancy and causes deformation of shape in the abdominal region.  The treatment is done by removing the excessive fat and skin cells and then surgeon tightens the abdominal muscles with the help of sutures. The belly button is also moved to a higher position with the help of small incision. The incisions are closed with the help of sutures and patient is advised bed rest for few days for complete closing of the incisions.

Liposuction procedure is done to remove the excessive belly fats, thigh fats and buttocks. The Mummy Makeover procedure works in way that general aesthetics are applied to numb down the treatment area of the body to treat the condition without causing any pain. The excessive fats are extracted from the tummy and thighs; it is then cleaned and injected back in the breast region to achieve the perfect size and shape of the breasts while ending the sagging of the breasts.

Benefits of Mommy Makeover

There are many exercises that are offered to reduce the belly fats and make the body healthy again but the results are slow with the exercise method. The Mummy Makeover procedure allows the body to gain better figure and shape without undergoing any long exercises. The perfect body shape is achieved with some sessions and body’s own fat cells are injected on the breast region to provide the best look and feel to the body.

The benefit of the treatment is that

  • The tummy would be flatten completely
  • The breasts would be given new shape and size
  • The skin sagging on abdominal region would be removed
  • Youthful look would be returned

Pre operation care

Not much care is required before undergoing the treatment but general care such as use of blood thinning medicines, use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited for a week before operation. The surgeon will describe the care based on sensitivity of your skin and condition of your treatment area. Generally

  • Intake of healthy diet is advised
  • The treatment is done on specific weight, you’ve to achieve it
  • Daily exercise

Post operation care

Since Mummy Makeover treatment procedure is intended towards better figure and shape of the body, the biggest care required after the treatment is of balanced diet and keeping yourself fit. Pregnancy, excessive weight gain and improper diet can result in compromise of results achieved through the treatments. Right after the Mommy Makeover, you will be advised to

  • Not to leave bed for two weeks
  • Avoid alcohol for two weeks
  • Don’t lift anything unless the incisions are closed properly.

Cost Of Mommy Makeover

Cost of the treatment is based entirely upon the body mass and shape of the breasts. Abdominal region of the body is flattened in the treatment and weight of the body and excessive fat cells of the body determine how much cost it will take for the treatment. You can book free consultancy for the best cost of whole treatment based on your body type and fat cells.


Q- Is Mummy Makeover only for mothers?

A- Mummy Makeover is basically for women who’ve lost their body figure due to pregnancy.

Q- How much session does Mummy Makeover takes?

A- The treatment is done in three steps and time of the procedure depends upon the surgical instruments being used and body mass and fat cells to be removed.

Q- Can Breast Lose their shape after the Makeover?

A- The body can lose shape after the makeover treatment if women goes through pregnancy again or gains excessive weight.

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