Breast Implants

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The cosmetic surgery for Breast Implants in Dubai involves the use of silicon or saline gel implants to enhance the shape and size of the breast.  All parts of our body are important and for the smooth function of life, we need all parts of the body to go hand in hand. Some parts of the body are even more important because they define the overall shape of our body. The breast is one of those vital body parts. Not having a breast that matches your body size makes you less confident and unhappy about your life.

Breast Implants in Dubai

Saline or silicone is being used in the process of Breast Implants Dubai Clinic

Usually, the Saline or silicone implants are used, while the new generation Motiva Breast Implants are widely used in Breast Surgery Clinic and all over UAE. This procedure is among the most opted cosmetic surgeries by women. Due to its effectiveness, it has gained immense fame in the recent years. It is one of the top cosmetic procedures in the world today. This treatment is often performed by implanting a substance in the breast. In general, the substance to be implanted consists of silicon or saline gel.

Are You a Right Candidate?

There are certain factors that play an important role to determine your candidature for this treatment. You might qualify as a perfect candidate for this surgery if;

  • You are emotionally stable
  • You want to lift your breast
  • You do not have a skin disease
  • You have fully developed breasts
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are fully motivated to have implants
  • You want to change the shape of the breast
  • You have realistic expectation from the results of the treatment given by Breast Implants in Dubai


The main goal of Breast Implants Dubai clinic is:

  • To achieve breast enlargement goalsBreast Implants in Dubai
  • To give you the desired breast shape and size
  • To make your breasts symmetric to your body
  • To make your breast fuller, firmer, and attractive
  • To improve your confidence level and self-esteem
  • To increase the size of the breast, nipple, and areola

About Our Surgeons

Dr. Gabriel Fernando Bonesana

Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


This procedure is often combined with a mastopexy or breast augmentation. In general, silicon or saline

gel implants are made in the breasts. The implants will make it difficult to take mammograms in the future. The procedure is performed in different steps. Following are the important steps for this treatment;

  • In general, the procedure takes 1 to 2 hours to perform
  • The surgery is performed after administering local or general anesthesia
  • The procedure will start with incisions in the breast area
  • The doctor will make pockets in the breast tissue or underneath the pectoral muscle
  • The saline or silicone implants will be made in the pockets made in the previous step
  • Once the breast implant surgery is complete, the surgeon will make stitches on incisions

Benefits of Breast Implants

  • You will get the size of the breasts you like
  • You will no longer have to limit your dress choice
  • No longer saggy breasts.
  • You will become more attractive
  • Your confidence level and self-esteem would increase

Pre-Operation Care

There are important factors that are important before this surgery.

  • It is important to stop smoking cigarette
  • Drinking alcohol before the surgery is prohibited
  • Follow the pre-surgical instruction from your surgeon
  • Do not use blood thinning medication before the surgery

Post-Operation Care

Utmost care needs to be taken to fully benefit the potential results of the surgery. It is important to conservatively follow the post-operation instructions by your surgeon. The following are some important points

Breast Implants in Dubai

to know;

  • It might take from 3 to 4 weeks to get back to the normal condition.
  • The patient needs to stay at Breast Implants Dubai clinic for one day
  • Typically, the time off work is between 5 to 7 days
  • Avoid shower for recommended period of time
  • It is recommended to wear surgical bra
  • Take care of the breasts while sleeping
  • Use prescribed medication regularly
  • Avoid any pressure on your breasts which might lead to a breast implant rupture.


There are certain factors that govern the total breast implants price, such as treatment technique, surgeon’ expertise and clinic location. Every patient has different cost assignment according to the nature of treatment. In order to have an exact idea about the breast implants cost in Dubai, you should consult a qualified and experienced surgeon at Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai.

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