Differences between breast augmentation and breast lift & their treatments

breast augmentation in dubai

Breast augmentation and breast lift may differ in terms of nature of the procedure, the way of treatment, recovery time, and cost and most importantly results of both the treatments are different from each other.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the topmost surgical processes used in cosmetic surgery. It is opted by a huge range of women who have small to zero cup size. Breast augmentation is typically common in females of almost every age, both married or unmarried as small boobs are the problem of every woman. But breast augmentation is supposed to be the best solution for those who want to regain their breast after cancer treatment. Breast reconstruction can be best achieved by using breast augmentation technique. It has a number of techniques and methods including tissue-based breast reconstruction, saline and silicone breast implant, fat transfer technique and above all general surgical treatment. The recovery time of breast augmentation in Dubai is almost 1 to 2 complete months depending upon the condition of the patient.

The treatment procedure for breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation is generally done by a common surgical method that includes incisions and cuts. For breast implant, a small incision is made under the pectoral muscles and then the implant of patient’s choice is being implanted inside the breast and then again incisions are closed. All of this procedure includes anesthesia at the time of surgery plus pre and post care before and after the surgery. There are so many risks and complications associated with surgical treatment that needs to be avoided through proper care.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is a surgery having an ultimate goal of avoiding loose and sagged breast. This problem is common in females who are mothers and breastfeed their child plus those females who are in their 40’s and experience drooping breasts. Therefore, breast lift surgery is taken by such women who wish to have firm and tight boobs. A combination of breast augmentation Dubai and breast lift often seems to be accurate and best as those women who have small breast also have an issue of breast firmness. So, breast lift, therefore, does not only gives an elevated lift to boobs but also it is meant to reshape your boobs as per your choice.

Treatment procedure of breast lift:

Same as breast augmentation, breast lift Dubai can be done through general surgical treatment which also involves anesthesia and sedation drugs before the surgery.  A breast lift is performed in such a way that excess skin around the boobs would be drained out and then a proper shape is being provided to your boobs with the help of certain machines. The loose skin would be removed and nipples are also repositioned. Thus, breast lift surgery would provide a perfect shape to breasts.

Difference between breast augmentation and breast lift:

As explained above, breast augmentation and breast lift in Dubai are both the types of breast surgeries but the way of their treatment may differ. Some of the other differences in breast lift and breast augmentation treatments are on the basis of following factors:

  • A difference of recovery time
  • A difference in the nature of the procedure
  • A difference in the condition of a patient
  • Pre and post surgery care difference
  • The cost difference of both the procedures


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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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