Breast Nipple Reconstruction

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Breast-Nipple-ReconstructionIntroduction to Breast Nipple Reconstruction

Breast Nipple Reconstruction in Dubai is done to improve the shape of the nipples; it is mostly done after mastectomy. The procedure can be performed right after the treatment or when patient wishes to be. Nipple reconstruction becomes mandatory after the breast implants or reconstruction as most of the times the incision is made from the Areola and nipple area. In both the scenarios of mastectomy and breast reconstruction, Nipple reconstruction becomes necessary. The procedure is done under supervision of qualified surgeon who examines the breast area and determines the best way for the nipple reconstruction. There are several ways and procedures for the nipple reconstruction. There are basically three types of nipple reconstruction surgery procedures available

  • Nipple Flap
  • Nipple-sharing grafting
  • Nipple tattooing

Breast Nipple Reconstruction is done to achieve the natural look of the breasts as the nipples are the most important and prominent part of a human body.  

Candidates For Breast Nipple Reconstruction

If you are above twenty and hormonal change during the puberty has caused problems to your breasts then you should go for breast nipple reconstruction, mostly nipple reconstruction is done right with the breast implants to get combined benefits. There can be several candidates for the treatment for example

  • The breast cancer patients who’ve went through mastectomy
  • The breast implant patients who want a better nipple shape
  • Normal patients who have problems with their breast shape and size
  • Patients with bigger areola 
  • Dropped nipples patients

Breast nipple reconstruction is available with minimal pain and the treatment is easy and less downtime than the whole breast surgery procedure. you are a perfect candidate if you are trying to improve the areola color and texture.


The goal of Breast nipple reconstruction surgery is to complete the breast implant procedure as the breast implant procedure is done to improve shape & size of the breasts and nipple reconstruction is done to provide a better nipple and areola to the body. The goal of the treatment is to provide natural looking breasts as the nipples and as the areola region contributes a lot to the natural look of the breasts. The final touch to the shape of the breasts is given by the nipples. Changes in breast are common throughout the life, especially during puberty the nipple drop is common and goals of breast nipple reconstruction is to provide the best nipple shape with natural construct and feel.


Breast Nipple Reconstruction procedure works as following; either tissue from your other breast nipple will be used for treatment or other skin tissues from part of your body will be used for reconstruction of your breast nipple. The surgeon determines the best option for treatment according to the breast shape and body type. The local skin flaps are used to reconstruct the nipple to keep the natural feel and to add body’s own appeal. The nipple sharing procedure is considered as old technique nowadays and not recommended as it involves risk of complications that are caused by removing breast tissues from the other breasts.  

The breasts are examined again right before the treatment and Incisions are made on the area pre-determined for nipple placement and the skin flaps are stitched to the breasts with care to minimize the scarring.

The type of skin flap to use for the treatment for nipple surgery is selected on basis of body type by the qualified surgeon. It is important to determine the correct skin flap type as after the nipple reconstruction, body’s own healing procedure reduces the projection of the reconstructed nipple and secondary reconstruction or the derma filling might be required to provide the natural look and feel to the breasts.


Breast Nipple reconstruction returns the natural look and feel of the breasts. The reconstructed nipple is made from body’s own skin tissues to minimize the side effects and to provide the best look and feel to the body. A benefit of the breast nipple reconstruction is that you can get your breast with natural looking nipples back after the mastectomy. Shape of the breasts is usually determined by placement of the nipple and after the breast nipple reconstruction, you can achieve the best shape of the breasts.

Pre operation care

The operation procedure is simple for the nipple surgery. You don’t need to go through much examination and the procedure can be done overnight. First of all, the breasts are examined by the surgeon to determine the best suiting procedure and donor area for skin flap is cleaned before the treatment. General aesthetics are applied to numb down the pain and only care required is not to touch the treatment area.

Post operation care

After the nipple reconstruction, the breast area becomes highly sensitive and it is advised not to wear tight bra or even clothes especially over the chest area. You can take shower after the first week of the treatment but shouldn’t wash the breasts and reconstruction area till the incisions are healed completely. Heavy weight lifting or heavy work is not allowed but patient can easily return to work the next day.


The cost of Breast Nipple Reconstruction treatment in Dubai varies from procedure to the procedure. if you had mastectomy and are going through the breast reconstruction on the whole then the cost will be significantly higher than the normal procedure.

Breast nipple reconstruction can be done to achieve the better shape of the nipples and if you are trying to improve the shape of the nipples then the cost of the treatment will be different. For the best cost of treatment of your nipples, consult the qualified surgeon.


Q-1 Is Breast Nipple Reconstruction only for mastectomy patients?

A-No, any patient can get their nipples reconstructed.

Q- Is natural feel of the breast gained back after the reconstruction?

A- Since the reconstruction is done by using the body’s own skin flaps, the natural feel is somewhat gained back.

Q- Is there wounding or scarring after the treatment?

A- During the breast nipple reconstruction, the incisions are made to minimize the scarring and reconstruction, the incisions heal within ten days.

Q- How soon we can start working out after the surgery?

A- After the reconstruction surgery, it is advised to not lift weight for atleast two weeks, normal work routine can be resumed the next day.

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