Fat Grafting Breast Reconstruction

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Fat grafting breast reconstruction is rapidly emerging breast reconstruction technique. More and more people depend on it because it uses the fat and skin of the same person.


In order to qualify as perfect candidate for Fat grafting breast reconstruction, you will have to fulfill the criteria set by doctors. You can be a perfect candidate of the surgery if;

  • You do not smoke and drink.
  • Your breast is fully developed.
  • You are not pregnant or nursing.
  • You have had full or partial mastectomy
  • You have realistic expectorations with the results of the procedure.


Fat grafting breast reconstruction is beneficial and it is used to attain multiple goals. It is used to reconstruct the breast as per the needs of the patient. The treatment aims at reconstructing the breast thereby correcting volume, shape, and contour deformities in the breast. It also removes unwanted fat from one or more parts of the body of the same person.


In Fat grafting breast reconstruction, fat tissue is removed from other parts of your body and then used to reconstruct the breast. The fat tissue is usually removed from your thighs, belly, and buttocks through liposuction. The tissue removed from one part of the body is then processed into liquid and injected into the breast area to recreate the breast.

Benefits Fat grafting breast reconstruction

There are many benefits of Fat grafting breast reconstruction. One of the best features of this procedure is that it uses your own body fat. The fat you do not need is removed from the body and used to reconstruct the breast. In most of the breast reconstruction cases, women report that the reconstructed breast has same sensation and feels soft like the other breast.

Pre-Operation Care

Preparation of Fat grafting breast reconstruction starts weeks before the procedure. The patient needs to meticulously follow the instructions of the doctor. The instructions of the doctor includes but not limited to;

  • Stop the used of cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Take the medication prescribed by the doctor
  • Do not take medication with our consultation your doctor.

Post-Operation Care

The person who underwent Fat grafting breast reconstruction surgery needs to follow the post-operation instructions of the doctor. The instructions includes but not limited to the following;

  • Keep visiting your doctor regularly.
  • Take the medication prescribed by the doctor.
  • Do not take medication without consultation of your doctor.


The cost of Fat grafting breast reconstruction not only varies from person to person, but it also varies from clinic to clinic. There are some factors that shape the cost of the treatment. If you want to know the exact cost of fat grafting breast reconstruction in Dubai, please contact Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai. Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai offers all breast treatments at a reasonable cost.


Can the fat transferred to the breast be absorbed by the recipient area?

It cannot happen if the procedure is well-planned and executed properly. An expert doctor is aware of the absorbing nature of the fat, so he or she will take care of it.

Can a fat donor be used when the subject doesn’t have enough fat reserves?

If the patient does not have enough fat reserves, only an identical twin can donate the skin or fat required to perform the Fat grafting breast reconstruction.

Does the patient have to have a specific amount of body fat?

Fat grafting breast reconstruction delivers good results to slender women too. If a woman has enough extra fat, the results of the surgery will be better.

When the fat is taken from the donor site does the skin from the donor site tighten up or can it become saggy?

If Fat grafting breast reconstruction is performed by an experienced surgeon, the skin from the donor area will tighten up.

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