Breast Lift with Fat Transfer

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Breast Lift with Fat Transfer or fat transfer breast augmentation is used to increase the breast size by using fat injections. The figure of the body is of utmost importance for all of us. Some vital parts of the body define the way we look to others. If there is a flaw in any part of a person’s body, he or she feels very bad about it and stay worried all the time. If you are embarrassed and intimidated by unsymmetrical and sagging breasts, you need not worry anymore. You just need to take a breast lift with fat transfer procedure and everything will get into perspective.


In order to qualify as a perfect candidate for the breast lift with fat transfer surgery, the aspirant needs to fulfill the criteria set by doctors. If you wonder whether you are a candidate or not, please see the criteria below. The criteria includes but not limited to the following;

  • You do not have skin disease
  • You are more than 18 years of age
  • You do not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol
  • You want to lift your breast by injecting fat into it
  • You have extra fat deposits on any part of the body
  • You have realistic expectations with the results of treatment
  • You have a stable weight and you are in good mental and physical health


Like any other surgery, breast lift with fat transfer aims at attaining certain goals. A typical breast lift with fat transfer tries to achieve the following goals;

  • To lift the breast by making it natural-looking
  • To make the breasts lifted, and to make them perky & shapely
  • To take away the stress and worry of the person
  • To remove excess fat from one or more parts of the body


Breast lift with fat transfer procedure is natural as compared to breast implant procedure. The procedure is performed as an outpatient basis. The patient has to go under general anesthesia and sedation. In the first part of the breast lift with fat transfer, unwanted fat from a part of body is removed. The fat may be removed through a liposuction procedure or some other technique. The fat extracted from the donor site is then refined to remove blood and other debris.

In the second and the last part of the breast lift with fat transfer, fat is injected into the breast as hundreds of tiny individual droplets. BRAVA device is used weeks before the breast lift with fat transfer to create a vacuum for the incoming fat. This way, the breast does not suffer from inner pressure. New moms can also take this treatment if they have lost the actual volume in the breast. You will also have to take care of pre-operation and post-operation instructions from your surgeon.


breast lift with fat transfer delivers the best breast lift results. It also removes the excess fat deposits in one or more parts of the body. The procedure is makes use of the fat of the same person’s body which adds peace of mind because no foreign material is used. The procedure is good to make breasts more attractive and youthful by enhancing their fullness and pertness. Moreover, a breast lift procedure improves the projection and symmetry of your breasts. The results offered by this treatment are long-lasting and natural looking. Above all, you do not get any scar.


Like all other surgeries, there are some side effects of breast lift with fat transfer. The procedure also involves some downtime as well because it involves incisions and stitches at least two areas on the body. Average recovery time is 3 months, a lot quicker than implant surgery. The patient needs to avoid exercise and strenuous activities until the treated area gets well. The doctor will prescribe some medication so that treated areas heal early.


By how much will my breasts increase in size?

The main goal of breast lift with fat transfer is to make the breast proportional to the body. The size of the breast is increased as per the requirement of the patient. A typical breast lift with fat transfer procedure enhances the size of the breast by one cup. An increase of two cups can be brought about if that much fat is available in the body of the same person.

What percentage of the grafted fat survives?

It has been observed that some amount of fat grafted get absorbed over period of time. An experienced breast lift surgeon knows the how much fat could be absorbed due to pressure and he or she will take care of it by maintaining a low pressure within the breast.

How many times can the procedure be performed?

In most of the cases, only one breast lift with fat transfer procedure is enough to deliver desired results. If a patient needs some more enhancements, a second procedure can be performed. It is important to mention that a second treatment will be relatively easier.

Will the size of my breasts vary with weight fluctuations?

Exactly! The fat grafted into the breast becomes a part of the organ and behaves just like the naturally occurring fat in the breast. If you put on weight, the breast will gain weight; if you lose some weight, the breast will also lose some weight.

Am I a suitable candidate for breast enlargement by fat grafting?

If you have some unwanted fat deposits in any part of the body (preferably in the back, thigh, buttocks, or abdomen) and you want to lift your breast, you might be a perfect candidate for breast lift with fat transfer if you comprise on other requirements.

Cost Of Breast Lift with Fat Transfer

Certain factors make the cost of breast lift with fat transfer in Dubai a variable figure that varies from person to person and clinic to clinic. If you are interested in knowing about the cost of breast lift with fat transfer in Dubai, please consult with your doctor or simple get in touch with Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai. We are one of the leading breast surgery clinics in the UAE. We offer all surgical and non-surgical breast treatments at a reasonable cost.

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We have discussed the basics of breast lift with fat transfer. So far, you might not be able to grasp the basics of breast lift with fat transfer surgery. In that case, why not call us and book a consultation with our board-certified surgeon. In order to have a better understanding of this tricky procedure, please do not hesitate to signup today for a free online consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons in Dubai.

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