Silicone Breast Implants

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Introduction: Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants were introduced back in 1961 by American plastic surgeons who wanted to find a solution for smaller breasts. However, the silicone breast implants that they introduced back in the days are considered to be the first generation technology of the current fifth generation implants. There are in total five generations of silicone breast implants and this is where breast augmentation actually began.

In total there are three types of breast implants where you can fill your breasts up with silicone breast implants, saline or composite breast fillers.

Since the mid-1990s, the fifth generation breast implants have been introduced. They are not only made up of higher strength, in fact they feel far more real compared to other implants. They eliminate the possibility of any leakages (also known as silicone gel bleeds) and since they are less risky, they cost more than any other implants.


Most women who are psychologically damaged due to their personal appearance go through this surgery. In America, a survey suggested that most women between the ages of 25 to 45 are the ones who want to go through the silicone breast implants surgery.

According to a study, most women who have gone through the silicone breast implants surgery were also undergoing psychotherapy and were suffering with low self-esteem. Not only this, they had also gone through severe depression and some even attempted suicides in the past.

Therefore, those women who want to look better and want people to give them attention are the ones that perform this surgery on themselves.


Goals of silicone breast implants are quite simple: making the breasts bigger than they naturally are. The overall surgery is very easy to perform for the doctor and most surgeons would actually prefer their patients to go through this process rather than asking to give them a breast lift.

The process only involves a small incision and the implants are then dragged down to the bottom of the chest so that the breasts look bigger than they actually are. The pre and post care of the operation is very important because there are tonnes of complications that might occur during or after the process is complete.

So three basic purposes for this type of a surgery are:

  1. Primary reconstruction of the breast where the breast tissues are replaced.
  2. To revise the outcome of a previously conducted breast surgery.
  3. To aesthetically improve the size, form and feel of the breasts.


The procedure of silicone breast implants surgery is fairly simple and can be compared to the saline breast implantations. It takes between two to three hours to get done with the procedure and if you want to get it done overnight, even that is possible.

You are given anaesthesia so you can go through the process pain free and while you’re asleep. This means that throughout the process you are not going to open your eyes or see what is going on.

The surgeon is first going to make an incision either under your arm, under your breasts or around your nipples. This solely depends on your body and how you and your surgeon both wanted your breasts to come out after the surgery. This also means that these incisions are made in accordance to the amount of implants that you want to use in the surgery.

Once a pocket is created through the incision, your surgeon is going to insert silicone breast implants inside your body and make them fill out your breasts in a way that you agreed upon. Once he is satisfied with the results, he will use stitches or surgical tape to cover the incisions on your body.

Pre-Operation Care

A patient who is going through silicone breast implants should at least be at the age of 18. Good surgeons do not approve any patient who is less than 18 years old. It is because women tend to grow in terms of breast size till they are at the age of 20, which means that there is a high chance of leakages in case the surgery is performed and the size is growing naturally. Therefore, it is advised that no woman should go through this surgery unless she’s 20 years old.  

The patients are asked to take blood and medical tests and it is absolutely necessary. This will help determine if there can be any complications and whether you are eligible to go through the surgery or not. If a surgeon does not take these tests from you, be informed that he/she is only in it for the money.

In other precautions you are also expected to stop smoking at least three weeks prior to the surgery. Contact your surgeon for any medications that you plan to take during this time period.  It is highly advised that you do not take any medication and maintain a healthy lifestyle at least two weeks prior to the surgery.

Post-Operation Care

Once the silicone breasts implants surgery is complete, your breasts are expected to be covered in gauze so there is no need to panic. You might also have drainage tubes intact, which are expected to go away within a few days. During the time you heal, you will also wear a surgical bra.

For the first six to seven weeks you are not allowed to strain your chest or breast muscles. Make sure that you do not go directly in contact with the sun as your scars will be very fresh and there is a high chance that you might get an infection. Moreover, don’t soak yourself into water. However, most surgeons will allow you to take a shower after 48 hours (tub soaking will not be allowed for at least twelve weeks).

You might experience some pain during this time period. The doctors will give you medications according to your conditions.


A proper surgery with silicone breast implants can range between $4000 to $10,000, depending upon the requirements and how the surgeon wants the surgery to take place.

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