A Guide to Recovery Tips after Breast Lift Surgery


After a successful treatment, a real thing comes in the end. And that is the recovery phase. We all know that any kind of surgical treatment requires a recovery period afterward. Same is the case with the cosmetic surgery for a breast lift in Dubai. Don’t think that we are to pile up a list of instructions to impose on you. But these are the most common tips that are good for you to follow. Though, your surgeon is going to instruct you after your surgery.

Most patients who undergo this surgery have some worries in mind about possible pain and swelling after the surgery. It’s natural to get worried but let be assured that the swelling and pain is evident after the procedure, but also fades away in few days. There are several ways to minimize any upsetting symptoms. So, the advice is to be prepared in advance and know the key recovery tips to curtail the swelling.

  • Cool Compression

Applying cold compressors or ice on the part that is swelled, is the typical way to sooth the swelling. The initial days after surgery may bring you swelling, apply the cold compress for 20 minutes on the swollen area then have a break for 40 minutes. Repeat. Use a towel or cotton cloth underneath the cold compress and avoid the direct contact with skin.

  • Medical Bra

After your Breast lift surgery, your surgeon may recommend you a special medical bra to wear. It is the best way to heal better as this bra accelerate the healing process by minimizing the swelling and improving the blood circulation. You will feel comfortable and more active to do your daily activities. Consult the surgeon for best compression bra for you.

  • Choose A Right Garment

Yes, this is avery important thing. The garment you wear has a direct contact with your skin, and it also touches the treated area. So, it’s important to wear loose clothes that cannot affect your treated area. The choice of undergarment as suggested earlier, wear those specially made for the purpose of recovery after plastic surgery. Wearing a non-medical undergarment may not give you proper healing. At least for initial days, consider it a priority.

  • Elevate Your Position

It is also thevery common thing that is up to you, and most doctors recommend that. While resting and sleeping, stay on your back and elevate it. Place a pillow, cushion or mattress in that way your back is a little up. Resting in this position helps to keep your blood circulation normal and also reduce the swelling. In initial days after surgery, this practice should be made normal. A normal blood circulation can reduce swelling, and your body can be positioned that way. These kind of pillows are easily available in the market.

The point is if you want to achieve desired results after the surgery for a breast lift in Dubai, follow post-op instructions properly. Your recovery process will be easy and comfortable with these simple tips.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

Dr. Ken is one of the best-known cosmetic surgeons in the world. As extremely dedicated surgeon, this has ensured he has work in the most acclaimed clinics throughout the world. At the moment, he is offering his services in Dubai Cosmetic Surgery as a visiting surgeon, with a view to relocating to Dubai in the coming years.

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