Q: Should have my implants placed over or under the muscle? How will I ever determine that?

It is fairly simple and mostly depends on the type of implant your choice. If you are planning to go for saline implants, choosing the submuscular implants is the right choice. However, if you want to undergo silicone implants, choose the subglandular placement. This is a general rule of thumb. However, it is important to consult your surgeon in regards to the Breast Augmentation Treatment in Dubai. He will be better able to guide you and consider various parameters such as whether you want to breast feed in future or not, the current state of breast tissues etc.

Q: How long will the recovery phase last after breast augmentation in Dubai surgery?

Regardless of the type of implant you choose, it is important to take at least seven days off from work. Do complete rest for that time and make sure you arrange for some help for your day to day tasks. Just make sure you are not lifting anything that’s too heavy or bulky. Do not sleep on your stomach and take as much rest as possible. Just follow all the postsurgical care instructions afterward and you will be able to return back to work a week later. However, complete recovery can take up to a month.

Q: When can I will be able to return back to my exercise routine?

You must take it slow. Just begin by walking slowly and build up the intensity from there. If you are a fan of chest exercises, you shouldn’t be doing them for at least a month after breast augmentation in Dubai or elsewhere. It is important to let your body heal itself. Normally, people resume their exercise routines after a month but it’s always good to consult the surgeon in this regard.

Q: How will I know that whether I‘ll need a breast lift or not?

There is a simple test you can do within the comfort of your own home that will tell you whether you will need a breast lift along with breast augmentation in Dubai or not. Stand naked in front of a mirror, look at the nipples. If they are lower than the natural crease of your breasts, then you probably need a breast lift along with the surgery. Otherwise, you don’t.

Q: How should I determine the cup size?

The thing is it’s not right to have a specific cup size in mind prior to going for the surgery. We always tell our clients that it’s the shape that matters and the way your boobs compliment the rest of your body, not if you are a B or a DD. It is important to let your surgeon know what kind of look you want. Do you simply want a more proportionate figure or really want than extra oomph to your boobs and then let your surgeon decide what’s right for you and what’s not.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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