DIEP Flap breast reconstruction in Dubai

DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedure is a type of breast reconstruction that is done by using body’s own fat/skin cells. The DIEP stands for  Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Artery and it allows the patient to get a new breast by taking the fats from the lower half of your belly and is moved up to chest to make a new breast. Muscles aren’t harmed in any way in this procedure and all the blood vessels of breast tissues are connected to the newly formed breast to achieve the most natural looking and perfectly aligned breast. The detailed procedure is as under

Flap-Based Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction that is done using your fat is called as Flap-based reconstruction. There are several types of the Flap-based breast reconstruction procedures available based on the donor region. Flap-based reconstruction is relatively newer procedure but has gained popularity throughout the world. According to an estimate, 70% of the breast reconstruction procedures in America are being performed by using the Flap-based reconstruction. It is better in the sense that there’s no chance of breast rupture and has less chance of complications since body’s fats are used to reconstruct the breasts.

DIEP Flap-Breast Reconstruction

DIEP Flap breast reconstruction allows the patient to get a new shape, new size and new contour of the breast by using fats from patient’s body. It is important to have excessive fat and skin cells in the abdomen of the body. The DIEP based reconstruction is done by creating incisions along the bikini line DIEP surgery is done by using the fat grafts from the abdomen without causing any harm to any muscle in the body. DIEP flap reconstruction procedure time is longer than the usual procedures and it takes about 6-8 hours. There are several pros and cons to the procedure and most of them are discussed as under:

Pros of the DIEP Flap

DIEP acts as free liposuction procedure and allows the patient to get rid of excessive fat in the abdomen in exchange for the contoured and natural look of the breast. The DIEP based reconstruction is considered safer and is free of ruptures and doesn’t require any breast pocket creation for placement. The procedure results in symmetrical breasts that have good volume along with shape and size.

Cons of DIEP Flap

DIEP flap breast reconstruction in Dubai is right method but it has its downsides. The DIEP procedure takes about 6-8 hours in general, and during that time, you will be under general aesthetics. The fat grafts based reconstruction is said to be prone to gravitational changes in the long run.


DIEP flap breast reconstruction allows the patient to get rid of excessive abdominal fats and place them inside their breast to achieve contoured shape and size of the breasts. Breast Reconstruction is done after mastectomy and DIEP flap reconstruction allows the patient to get their original look back in a natural way. DIEP Flap reconstruction is recommended for people who are concerned about their abdominal strength as the DIEP flap breast Reconstruction saves the abdominal muscles and uses only skin and fat grafts along with blood vessels to create the most natural and beautiful breast.

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