Breast reconstruction options after mastectomy

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy

Breast reconstructive surgery is the growth of breast after cancer treatment that can be achieved through a variety of ways including tissue grafting, fat transfer, and other breast implants techniques. Breast reconstruction after mastectomy becomes necessary and can be done through certain methods.

What is breast reconstruction?

Usually, cancer patients, specifically those women who suffer from breast cancer lost their breasts during mastectomy or cancer treatment process. They needed breast reconstruction surgery badly to regrow their breast. Breast reconstruction after mastectomy is a surgical process which involves the development of women breast by different ways typically including implant techniques or various therapies.

Due to cancer, a fatal disease, the tumor spreads inside the breast area covering the lymph nodes behind the pectoral muscles due to radiation effect that is being used during the cancer treatment. As in most of the cases, cancer is being treated through radioactive rays to eradicate the tumor so, these high-intensity rays went down inside the breast tissues resulting in losing the breast. For this problem, breast reconstruction surgery is best suited but it is highly recommended to perform this surgery after cancer treatment i.e. mastectomy so it would lower down the side effects of radioactive rays.


What are the methods for breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

Breast reconstructive surgery is of essential importance when it comes to re-growth of a breast. There are several breast reconstruction options for this reconstructive treatment that are explained as follows:

Tissue-based reconstructive surgery:

Tissue-based breast reconstruction surgery is thought to be less risky as compared to other implants technique. As for this, tissues are being injected into the breasts muscles thus increasing its capacity to re-grow the breast of cancer patients. This surgery is also considered to be less complicated towards radiation therapy in terms of effectiveness. But in some cases, women who have undergone the severe tumor are less likely to take this surgery technique of tissue transfer so, for that implants are required because of their skinny body texture and probability of being underweight.


Fat transfer technique:

Fat transfer is a technique which is basically used to enhance the size of any of the body part to give it the desired look. Fat transfer technique is useful when the fatty tissues are compatible with the body of the patient so it is recommended to use the patient’s own body fat. So this removed fat can be injected to any other body part where they are needed and on those areas which are fat deficient.

Fat grafting is also same as a fat transfer as it utilizes the person’s own removed fatty tissues which are not required in one place and needed on another part of the body. This fat is also be used by those who opt surgeries to gain weight on certain parts of the body mainly for those women who undergo breast surgery after mastectomy.


Breast implants surgery:

Breast implants are one of the breast reconstruction options depending on the cost, surgery process, age, and the skin type. Silicone breast implants are considered to be the best breast implants as they have low risks and complications associated with it. The composition of Silicone implants includes filling of silicone gel into the shells. This plastic-like fluid gives a realistic texture to women’s breast. Silicone gel is a thick polymer fluid having a considerable viscosity, which makes it heavy to keep the material filling intact and avoid rupture after breast augmentation surgery. On the other hand, Saline implants use sterilize saltwater as a binding fluid for the tissues. As sterile water is mild material for the human body, so this would be of no harm regarding post-surgery side effects, particularly, in case of rupture

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