The ultimate guide to implant based breast reconstruction

Implant based breast reconstruction

Implant based breast reconstruction is suggested after the cancer treatment and it is required to be done with proper techniques. All the parameters of breast reconstructive surgery are to be observed before the treatment to make it to a complete guide to the breast implant.

What is implant based breast reconstruction?

Usually, cancer patients, specifically those women who suffer from breast cancer lost their breasts during mastectomy or cancer treatment process. They needed breast reconstruction surgery badly to regrow their breast. Implant based breast reconstruction is a surgical process which involves the development of women breast by different ways typically including implant techniques or various therapies.

Due to cancer, a fatal disease, the tumor spreads inside the breast area covering the lymph nodes behind the pectoral muscles due to radiation effect that is being used during the cancer treatment. As in most of the cases, cancer is being treated through radioactive rays to eradicate the tumor so, these high-intensity rays went down inside the breast tissues resulting in losing the breast. For this problem, breast reconstruction surgery is best suited with breast implants technique but it is highly recommended to perform the breast reconstruction surgery after cancer treatment.


What are the types of breast implants?

Breast implants are one of the types of breast reconstruction surgery depending upon the cost, surgery process, age, and the skin type. Following are the two types of breast implants which are recommended for breast cancer treatment.

  1. Silicone breast implants
  2. Saline breast implants

Features and results of silicone breast implants for breast reconstruction

All types of breast implants used a shell made up of silicone material. This shell is not hard like a typical shell structure; in fact, it provides a smooth and soft texture to your breast.

A composition of Silicone implants includes filling of silicone gel into the shells. This plastic-like fluid gives a realistic texture to women’s breast. Silicone gel is a thick polymer fluid having a considerable viscosity, which makes it heavy to keep the material filling intact and avoid rupture after breast augmentation surgery

Women who have thin and penetrating skin needs Silicone implant as they have low chance of causing ripples or wrinkles over the surface of the skin and ultimately providing breast enlargement in Dubai. Silicone implants prove to be the realistic approach where on the other hand saline implants also give a mild look to the breast. Silicone implants have silicone gel which is a thick cohesive gel and ultimately provides a volume to your breast and gives it a naturally heavy look.

Useful aspects of saline breast implants:

Saline implants use sterilize saltwater as a binding fluid for the tissues. As sterile water is mild material for the human body, so this would be of no harm regarding post-surgery side effects, particularly, in case of rupture

After breast augmentation, the most important thing women would be conscious about is her looks. The saline implant is recommended for women with thick skin as rippling effect will be mitigated. In case of saline rupture, symptoms would appear in just a few days. As the rupture occurs, saline fluid will be leaked from the shell and absorbed by the body. Although the saline solution is harmless for the body it would make your breast shrink. Again, surgery is needed to replace the implant.

Which breast implant is suitable for breast reconstruction?

Almost every type of breast implant is used to reconstruct the breast after cancer treatment but it depends on the patient’s health situation and the body type. Silicone breast implant is considered to be the best-suited implant as far as breast reconstructive surgery is concerned.

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