Breast Augmentation- Most Admired Procedure of Modern Times


The field of cosmetic surgery is getting wider day by day and new techniques and procedure are continued to come in our way. So is the breast augmentation in Dubai and UAE, that is now considered one of the most common treatment that is adopted by women from all over the world. Today, a woman wants to look graceful, attractive and active at the same time. The current scenario of our lifestyle demands complete social interaction, looking out for home and work at the same time. For that, one must be complete and fit.

Modern Lifestyle and Its Demands

The current scenario of our lifestyle also requires everybody to be presentable. It is natural for a woman to want a firm and adequate size of breasts. For a woman, breasts are the most important part of body that maintains the physical appearance. Women who have smaller breast size are often found on the verge of being isolated and feel like they are not socially acceptable. So, they personally make this decision to go for a cosmetic procedure for augmentation of breasts.

Breast Augmentation/Enlargement

The breast augmentation procedure refers to a boob job too. Also known a breast enlargement, and typically done with implants or fat transfer. They are meant to be placed under the pectoral muscle of breasts for size enhancement. The size of implants is adjusted according to the individual’s tissues and muscle thickness and the size or shape requirements. Motiva breasts implants are used for augmentation all-around UAE, due to their ease of placement, increased quality assurance and long-lasting results.

The augmentation procedure is admired all over the world because it can restore the lost breast volume after sudden weight loss, post pregnancy body structure and loose skin due to aging process. Furthermore, it is the best treatment to improve the natural symmetry to restore natural look and feel.

What Is So Admirable About Breast Augmentation in Dubai?

Besides the cosmetic purpose, the other most admirable objective is that the patients of mastectomy have found a new hope. After mastectomy, the patients of breast cancer should lose a breast or both, to save other body parts from cancer. Though, it is a painful phase, both physically and emotionally, but the latest technology has found the best solution for it. Now, breast deformities can also be cured with this wonderful treatment.

Some major benefits of this wonderful procedure are:

  • Increased fullness of breasts.
  • Promoting right projection of breasts.
  • Improved symmetry.
  • Body contour.
  • Enhanced self-image.
  • Boosted self-confidence.
  • Hope for natural restoration after mastectomy.
  • Personal satisfaction

This treatment is done under the close supervision of board certified aesthetic and plastic surgeons. At first, the detailed consultation session is arranged, so that the surgeon can analyze the breast condition along with patient’s medical history. For implant based augmentation, proper measurements are necessary. Also, the patient can undergo a detail answer question session.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

Dr. Ken is one of the best-known cosmetic surgeons in the world. As extremely dedicated surgeon, this has ensured he has work in the most acclaimed clinics throughout the world. At the moment, he is offering his services in Dubai Cosmetic Surgery as a visiting surgeon, with a view to relocating to Dubai in the coming years.

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