Top three reasons for revision breast augmentation surgery

breast augmentation surgery

Once after undergoing primary breast augmentation surgery the utmost care is needed. But in case of implant rupture, capsular contraction, demanding for another type of implant or to increase the size of breast implant are some of the major reasons for revision of breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery:

Breast augmentation is generally a treatment for those women who seek to have large boobs. Having small cup size makes a woman dull and low confident and the only solution for this is to gain volume in your breast. In some cases, due to hormonal changes the size of breast gets lower down because of changes in growth hormones, different medications and creams are available in the market to cure this but the best possible solution for this breast augmentation surgery.

It takes place through different implants and other surgical processes including fat grafting or breast reconstruction thereby giving extra volume to women’s breast and thus increasing her self-confidence. Moreover, breast augmentation has certain important considerations as well which need to be discussed.

Why is a revision of breast surgery needed?

Once after you have done with breast augmentation surgery, its revision ten becomes a part of its post-surgery care. Revised breast surgery is necessary because of so many reasons and the major one is the desired outcome for which women wish to have throughout her life. So to maintain the breast augmentation surgery, its revision is needed.

What are the top reasons for revise breast augmentation surgery?

The top three reasons for revised breast augmentation surgery are given below:

Implant rupture:

From the word rupture, it is clear that it is for something that leaks or breaks. Same is the case with implant rupture. When a woman goes for breast implant then after some time the implant will leak out and all the adhesive fluid will come out. As compare to silicone breast implant, a saline breast implant is more likely to break out because it is less adhesive. Where on the other side, silicone gel will stick to an implant for more time but revision is needed for both types of the implant as maintenance is needed after having breast augmentation surgery.

Capsular contraction:

Capsular contracture is a kind of risk or the reason for revision of breast augmentation surgery because of the scars formation. Due to scars tissue, the shape of the implant is distorted as the tissue become hard and try to squeeze the already present implant to decrease it size which may lead to serious consequences. Contraction of the implant may cause chronic pain in breast and the only reason for it is to undergo the implant again as revised surgery.

To increase the size of implant:

With time and also with age, women’s choices are changing and they want to change their personality. Same is the case for breast implant when a woman feels that she want more enhanced breast and to increase her cup size she goes for breast implant surgery again. For this purpose, revision of breast augmentation surgery tends to take place.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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