Breast augmentation with fat transfer in Dubai is one of the most demanding technique to reshape the breasts without going through the saline or silicone bags or any other fake thing. The treatment adds shape to the breasts and increases fullness. The breasts augmentation with fat transfer Dubai clinic allows the patient to achieve a healthy look. The breasts lose their real shape due to several conditions and have serious deformation issues. There are several reasons for breast deformation such as hormonal change, breast cancer and environmental change.

Why Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer?

Breast Augmentation using Fat transfer allows the treatment to be done by using the body’s own fat so that there are no side effects and no downtime required for the body to adjust to it. The breast augmentation with fats transfer is meant to provide better breasts without causing any side effects or any problems in the breasts. Fat transfer augmentation is considered as a better choice and gives the patient variety of options to choose the fat cells from. The donor parts of the body can be from

  • Stomach region
  • Hips regionBreast Augmentation With Fat Transfer in Dubai
  • Thighs
  • Shoulders

Fat transfer donor region is determined by the surgeon and the most suiting fats transfer region is selected after consulting the patient.


Candidate for the treatment of breast augmentation using Fat Transfer to breast is those who want to achieve a better size for their breasts. The treatment is easier than silicone breast implants and the breasts feel more natural than the other treatments currently being offered. The treatment is ideal for those who want to

  • Increase breast size
  • Looking for better texture
  • Balancing their breasts
  • Want to achieve the best size without any side effects

Goals Of Breast Fat Transfer

Goals of the breast augmentation with fats transfer are summed up to provide the smoother and better breasts to the patients. The other treatments available for the breast augmentation fail to provide natural look and feel and also the treatment can end up with side effects such as gel leakage whereas the fat transfer augmentation is free of side effects and body’s own natural fats are used that allows the breasts to be settled quickly providing the natural look and feel to the body.

Pre procedure care

Since the breast transfer augmentation is targeted towards transferring the fats of the body from donor parts to the breasts. Since the procedure are advanced nowadays so no serious pre procedure is required before undergoing the treatment however it is advised that person should

  • Avoid blood thinning medicines
  • Use of drugs or alcohol before a week of treatment
    Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Procedure for Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation with fats transfer works in a way that the surgeon has pre-marked the area of treatment and donor site before treatment.  The surgeon begins the treatment by

  • general aesthetics are applied to the breast region and the donor region to a numb area down
  • Sucking out the excessive fat tissues from other parts of the body through liposuction
  • The augmentation is achieved by making tiny incisions on the pre-marked treatment area
  • Tiny incisions are made on the breasts
  • The extracted fat cells are refined by a special process to eliminate side effects and
  • Then fat transfer breast augmentation cells are inserted into the body to achieve augmentation.

Post procedure care

The breast augmentation with fat transfer is no downtime usually required after the treatment. The patient can go home right after the treatment but it is advised to take special care before incisions are healed. Minimal scarring may occur after a week of treatment and usually no symptoms are felt after three months but the surgeon should be consulted if scarring persists. Natural look and feel of the breasts are easily restored right after the treatment and usually process doesn’t involve much pain as general aesthetics are applied to numb down the pain.


Breast Fat Transfer Cost

The cost of the treatment is not fixed because it depends on the nature of the treatment. The cost also varies from clinic to clinic. If you want to know the exact cost in your case, please consult with your doctor. At Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai, we offer Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer procedure at a reasonable cost. Contact us to have this advanced treatment at a discounted price.


Free ConsultationBreast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

If you need more information about the treatment of fat transfer breast augmentation, please do not hesitate to call us anytime. For a better understanding of the procedure and its cost, we invite you for a free consultation session with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.


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What percentage of the grafted fat survives?

The grafted fat surgical percentage depends on the technique used by the surgeon. Surgeons can increase the percentage of survival by grafting the fat under low pressure. The surgeon will separate the fat from blood and debris to make sure the maximum percentage of survival.

By how much will my breasts increase in size?

1 cup size increase in breast volume can be obtained with fat grafting in general. It is also possible to obtain 2 cup size increase but it depends on the amount of fat available to graft.

How many times can the procedure be performed?

In general, women get satisfied with the first breast fat transfer procedure. A second fat grafting procedure can also be performed if needed. The second fat transfer procedure is relatively easy to perform than the first fat transfer procedure.

Will the size of my breasts vary with weight fluctuations?

Yes, exactly! The grafted fat generally behaves same as the fat that naturally exists in the breast. In general, the properties of the fat remains the same no matter what their location is in the body.


August 17, 2016
Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer in Dubai

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Introduction Breast augmentation with fat transfer in Dubai is one of the most demanding technique to reshape the breasts without going through the saline or silicone […]

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