There are various kinds of replacements that may be needed after a breast cosmetic surgery. It may involve a revision of breast implants or their removal due to any reason. It’s a truth that implants give you a long-term benefit but cannot last forever. Different reasons behind breast replacement in Dubai or removal includes:

  • Implant leak.
  • Infection due to implant leak.
  • Implant Rupture.
  • Implant life expiry.
  • Capsular contracture.
  • Need for different shape, type and size change.


The Breast replacement surgery is meant for a revised surgical procedure in which the changing would be made to the previous surgery. For example:

  • Changing the existing implant shape.
  • Changing the existing implant size.
  • Change from saline to silicone and vice versa.
  • Removal of existing implant.

Are you a candidate for Breast Replacement in Dubai?

You can go for it if you already had an implant based breast augmentation. You are the best candidate for this breast replacement procedure, if;

  • Your implant is leaking or it is ruptured.
  • You are experiencing a condition called capsular contracture that causes scars around implants.
  • You want to change the shape and size.
  • You just want thecomplete removal of implants.

First, you have to get an important consultation in which your surgeon will conduct an initial examination to determine your complication and its best solution. In this session, you can discuss your concerns and requirements.

Pre-op Care

Before the breast replacement surgery in Dubai, here are a few instructions which are needed to be followed, so that the treatment goes as smooth as it can:

  • Stop taking any blood thinning medicines.
  • Stop intake of alcoholic beverages.
  • Do not smoke at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery.
  • Follow any other instruction that is given by the doctor.

The procedure

The procedure of breast replacement in Dubai takes almost an hour to complete. Initially, the general anesthesia is given and the incisions are made on the same point where the previous incision was made for an implant insertion. The treatment is done according to the diagnosed problem, whether it’s a removal or replacement. You may be recommended to have an implant revision in which the surgeon cuts away the surrounding scar tissue to examine the implants, that’s it. If there is a case of removal, the implants are simply removed. After the procedure is done, incisions are closed.

A revision requires less time than the replacement because there are very few steps involved here. Many patients are kept under observation for next day so that they shall be fine when they return home.

Post-op and Recovery

There is no exact time for recovery because every person heals differently. However, the recovery after breast replacement surgery in Dubai is generally easy of the post-op care instructions are followed regularly. It all goes as follows:

  • Sore and pain on initial days.
  • May feel swelling that fades away in few days
  • Complete bed rest is recommended.
  • Avoid any kind of strenuous activities till complete recovery.
  • Follow the diet plan given for proper healing.
  • Take the prescribed medicines regularly.
  • Wear the support bra as suggested by the doctor.

Benefits of having a breast replacement in Dubai

  • The safe procedure under the supervision of board-certified aesthetic experts.
  • Recovery is comfortable.
  • The replacement of implants is done as needed by the client.
  • Also available for replacement after a breast lift.


If you need a replacement for your implants or need a removal, please feel free to consult our board-certified surgeons at Breast Surgery Clinic. Fill the given form and book your FREE consultation today.


January 3, 2018
Breast Replacement in Dubai

Breast Replacement

Intro: There are various kinds of replacements that may be needed after a breast cosmetic surgery. It may involve a revision of breast implants or their […]

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