How do I know if I need a breast lift surgery?

breast lift surgery

When the women’s breast begins to sag down and pulled to belly button then there comes a need for breast lift surgery. The breast lift is also necessary for aged women who have loose skin and drooping breasts.

 What is breast lift surgery?

Sagging and drooping breast can only be prevented with the help of breast lift surgery. It is all a matter of loosening skin that has to make the tissues less flexible and makes a way for dropping breast. Breast lift in Dubai is, therefore, a best-suited method for those who after pregnancy, breastfeeding or due to age factor experience the lack of tightness in their boobs and wanted to get an elevated and elongated breast.

The lifting procedure has to be done when a woman thinks that she has incomplete personality due to loose and small boobs. Breast lift surgery in combination with breast enlargement is a very helpful remedy for females facing issues related to their figure. A breast lift will not only give an elevated breast look but it also gives a woman a sense of self-confidence and an amazing personality.

How you know when does breast lift surgery is needed?

When a woman has enough awareness that which cosmetic surgery she needs and what are the common symptoms of going for any breast surgery, then she might observe her desired results. Following is the method of making estimated calculations about your figure which would tell you if breast lift surgery is needed or not.

Method of measuring the breast figures:

To get the answer to all your questions related to breasts surgeries, the first thing you have to do is to check out for some specific measurements. For that, initially locate the position of the notch that is must be furrowed starting from the neck and dropping it at the breast by passing from the middle of the collar bones. Measure it in such a way that zero of the measuring tape should be at the sterna notch so that it would make the diagonal angle lying toward the direction of nipples. Pen down these measurements and then repeat it for the other breast as well. There must be a minor difference in the measurement of both the breast because both the breasts are asymmetrical to some extent naturally.


Now after making these measurements, deduce these calculations to know if you really need breast lift in Dubai or some other breasts surgery.

When you need a breast lift surgery:

You can infer from these measurements that if a distance of notch from your breasts is equal to or the little bit less than 21 cm then the breast lift is not needed as in this case breasts usually do not sag and pulled down.

When you do not need a breast lift surgery:

If the distance between the sterna notch and the nipple of your breast is not equal to 21 cm and also less than 21 cm, so your breast would be sagging and dropping down to the belly button, therefore, in this case, you just need a breast lift Dubai.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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