Examples of breast augmentation abu dhabi

breast augmentation Dubai

Examples of breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation Dubai deals with enhancement of the size of the breast. Breast augmentation works on those having relatively small breast size. It is also known as breast enlargement or mammoplasty, commonly a type of plastic surgery that is done to give shape and volume to your breast.

While talking about examples of breast augmentation Dubai, there are few cases related to different people that will help you to understand the concept of breast augmentation more clearly.


  • Case 1:

A woman, named Jennifer, received a saline implant, a type of breast augmentation and she said that she got natural volume in her breast and experienced no discomfort. She also said that she had no visible scar on her breast and also on nipples because the surgeon did that under the pectoral muscle. She seems completely comfortable with her breast augmentation surgery.

  • Case 2:

Sarah Kabalk, after undergoing breast augmentation share her views and she said:

I have to take Silicone breast implants 2 years back, initially, I was very worried about the pain and scars formation after the surgery. But after undergoing the breast augmentation surgery, I now feel that I have gained my breast back. As I had taken silicone implants, the most common type of breast augmentation Abu Dhabi, I do not suffer from rupture as well. My post-surgery treatment proved to be less painful and now I feel more confident and fresh.

  • Case 3:

Colleen R., a mother, and a housewife undergo breast augmentation surgery and said:

After thinking 10 years, I finally decided to undergo the breast augmentation surgery. I used to be very conscious about the post-surgery issues as I am a mother and I have to breastfeed my children as well. But having considerable small breast rendered it difficult for me. I could not walk with confidence. I lacked attractive appearance in my personality as well. Then after deciding, I searched for the best surgeon of breast augmentation Abu Dhabi. After two days of my surgery, I felt severe pain in my breast but my doctor prescribed me with some medication including painkillers which hampered my pain and in just 7 days, I was able to walk around and got back to my routine. Hence, breast augmentation became a way for me to sort out my psychical problems as well as it gave a boost to my confidence.

  • Case 4:

Annie, 28 years old a European woman shared her case and said:

I was very low confident because I had extremely or almost zero breast size. I wanted to get breast augmentation surgery but when I checked it in Europe I found it quite expensive. It was not possible for me to afford it. Then once, when I visited UAE, I figured out breast augmentation Abu Dhabi, considerably cost effective. I have undergone this surgery here in Abu Dhabi and I am so glad to share that I found it best of the best. I exactly got what I dreamed off. The surgeons and the techniques they used were according to my demand. Now I am doing good and away glad to have volume in my breast.

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