Breast lift-Experiences of women


What is Breast lift procedure?

A breast lifting surgery is essentially a procedure to take care of the changes happening in women body because of completely different reasons like physiological state, infant feeding, weight gain, aging, and generally its heredity as well.

Sagging and drooping of breasts causes’ loss of skin suppleness. Breast lifting, a typical sort of surgery is currently now a day’s common remedy to avoid such issues.
If you need more fullness in addition, breast lift surgery performed with the breast lift is that the right choice for you. Breast lifting sometimes raises the breasts by removing excess skin and modification of the the encircling tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour.

In addition to easily ‘lifting’ the breasts, a breast lift in Dubai helps to create the breasts look more eyes catching and attractive. This system is meant to create the breasts look rounder and extended and additionally in their position and shape. With the assistance of breast lift, ladies will have their nipples re-located to the center of the boobs. Additionally darker half round the nipples will be disappear ultimately.

Experience of different women:

Below mentioned are some of the experiences of women who have undergone the breast lift procedure.

Case 1: A Egyptian girl, Sarah shared her experience of breast lift surgery.

I was just 22 years old when my breasts start to sag down. I tried a lot of tips and medications but ends up with nothing. My breasts keep on sagging day by day. From sagging, I literally mean that by breast reached my belly button. And this was because I was very over weighted and then suddenly I lost my weight which made my breast sagged. I was very worried and I lost my confidence. Then finally, I decided to take plastic surgery. Doctor suggested me breast augmentation but initially I was very conscious that whether it will give me perfect result or not. But after having breast lift surgery in Dubai, I was completely shocked to see my breast shape and size. But one thing here is really important to consider that this surgery process gives you severe pain in the first week of operation. You need to cope up with that. Now I am completely fine and happy to have an ideal breast.

Case 2: Anna, a mother of two, shared her experience of breast lift treatment

After thinking 10 years, I finally decided to undergo the breast lift surgery. I used to be very conscious about the post-surgery issues as I am a mother and I have to breast feed my children as well. But having considerable small breast rendered it difficult for me. I could not walk with confidence. I lacked attractive appearance in my personality as well. Then after deciding, I searched for best surgeon of breast lift in Dubai. After two days of my surgery I felt severe pain in my breast but my doctor prescribed me with some medication including pain killers which hampered my pain and in just 7 days , I was able to walk around and got back to my routine. Hence, breast lift became a way for me to sort out my psychical problems as well as it gave a boost to my confidence.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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