When Breast Lift Becomes a Necessity

A very common question that cosmetic surgeons are always asked is, “when does breast lift becomes a necessity?”

Well, the answer lies in two more questions which the surgeon needs to ask his clients/patients. The first question is, are the nipples of the client at or below the level of their breast fold? Does the client have a significant degree of skin laxity to their breasts?

In case the answer to even one of these questions is a yes, then a breast lift becomes important.

If Your Nipples are too low

Basically, if your nipples are too low, an implant is not going to help you either. Why? It’s because the implant is going to sit too high when it will be placed beneath the chest muscle. When this happens, it seems as if the breast tissue is falling off the chest wall. Therefore, when this happens, you need to go through a breast lift surgery. It will not only reduce the diameter of the areola (the pigmented tissue that surrounds your nipple), but also it will help in elevating and effectively lifting the nipple areola in a way that it sits in the most perfect position.

If you have loose skin

On the other hand, if you have significant amount of loose skin (this may happen if you have just given birth to a child, or you have lost a significant amount of weight), then a breast lift becomes necessary again. It helps you reshape and skin that’s not tight enough for your body. In terms of breasts, the saggy effect goes away as the skin becomes tight and youthful.

If you have lost a lot of volume

A breast lift will also help you in terms of breast volume. Mostly mothers who have been breastfeeding tend to lose a lot of volume on their breasts. In order to replace this lost volume, a breast lift becomes extremely useful. However, in this case, people often utilize breast augmentation and use it alongside breast lifting to not only add shape, but also size into the picture.

Breast Lifts and Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

There are different types of breast lifts that one may have to go through once it has been finalized that you require a breast lift surgery.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is currently offering the best advice and solution to your breast problems. We know when breast lifting becomes a necessity. Simply sit down with our team of experts and you will know what the best solution for your problems is.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

Dr. Ken is one of the best-known cosmetic surgeons in the world. As extremely dedicated surgeon, this has ensured he has work in the most acclaimed clinics throughout the world. At the moment, he is offering his services in Dubai Cosmetic Surgery as a visiting surgeon, with a view to relocating to Dubai in the coming years.

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