Breast augmentation vs. breast lift. How to choose between them?

breast augmentation

Breast augmentation and breast lift both are the types of cosmetic surgery mostly opted by women of almost every age. To select between these two surgeries, proper knowledge of breast augmentation and lift must be known including all their differences and similarities.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery has its main goal of enhancing the breast size of a female who has very small or almost zero cups size and they seek to make it large. Small boobs are the problem of so many women as they diet so much and in the run of being skinner and smart, they quit everything and excessive exercise and gym reduce the size of their breast by burning away the fatty cells. In severe cases, low breast size has rendered difficult situations for women and the only option they have is of breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation in Dubai is also known as breast enlargement or boob job giving so many useful impacts when it comes to breast reconstruction after cancer treatment. It also helps to make the boobs intact in their position and gives volume to boobs.

What is a breast lift?

To avoid the sagging and loosing of boobs, breast lift surgery is the common solution in the field of cosmetic surgery. Breast lift in Dubai not only gives an elevated lift to boobs but it also helps to tighten the skin of a woman which due to age or some other reasons have sagged down. After giving birth to a child, or after breastfeeding, the breast may lose its shape and the flexibility resulting in dropping breasts. This problem can be solved if by using the option of breast lift treatment. This surgery would remove the extra dropping fats from boobs and give an elongated and elevated lift to boobs, also making the skin tight and firm. Breast lift also repositions the nipples and makes them fix their actual position.

Which one is better for you?

As both the breast augmentation and breast lift Dubai is best in their own aspects so it depends on the person that which type of cosmetic surgery is to be selected. This decision is in relation to the factors that include the reason for undergoing the breast surgeries. If a woman wants to increase the volume in her breast then she should go for breast augmentation but if a female is facing a problem of sagged and dropping breasts then she must choose breast lift surgery.

The selection between them also lies on their advantageous and differences. The exact goal a woman is longing for is of breast enhancement then the surgery type is different from what it needs to select the breast surgery to prevent sagged boobs. It may also depend on the age and the skin type of a female. Breast augmentation Dubai is not recommended for teenage girls same is the case with a breast lift as it is meant for those who have dropping breast and they usually are aged women.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

Dr. Ken is one of the best-known cosmetic surgeons in the world. As extremely dedicated surgeon, this has ensured he has work in the most acclaimed clinics throughout the world. At the moment, he is offering his services in Dubai Cosmetic Surgery as a visiting surgeon, with a view to relocating to Dubai in the coming years.

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