Breast augmentation patient reviews

breast augmentation in Dubai

Breast augmentation patient reviews:

Breast augmentation is generally a process of grafting fats in women’s breast to give it volume and to make its shape broader. There are various types of breast augmentation in Dubai depending upon the choice and condition of the patient. To know more about breast augmentation Dubai, here are some reviews of patients who have taken this surgical procedure.


Brandy Bowden, 22 years old shared her review:

I was just 22 years old when my breasts start to sag down. I tried a lot of tips and medications but ends up with nothing. My breasts keep on sagging day by day. From sagging, I literally mean that by breast reached my belly button. And this was because I was very overweighted and then suddenly I lost my weight which made my breast sagged. I was very worried and I lost my confidence. Then finally, I decided to take plastic surgery. A doctor suggested my breast augmentation but initially, I was very conscious that whether it will give me the perfect result or not. But after having breast augmentation surgery in Dubai, I was completely shocked to see my breast shape and size. But one thing here is really important to consider that this surgery process gives you severe pain in the first week of operation. You need to cope up with that. Now I am completely fine and happy to have an ideal breast.

Sara, 32 years old shared her review:

My experience with breast augmentation is worth sharing.  There was a gap in my breasts and for some reason, it never filled out. My boobs were just empty and saggy although I was neither overweighed nor have breastfed my kids. I always bothered this issue and it has made me self-conscious. Then ultimately I decided to undergo breast augmentation in Dubai. I started checking on the cosmetics surgeons and considering my issue according to their treatments. On the day of surgery, I was completely relaxed and comfortable with my surgeon. Then I went unconscious after the intake of anesthesia and after that, all I know is that my breast looks like a wonder. It took me 3 whole weeks to cure but after that, I felt so good and confident.

Jaclyn Glenn, 29 years old shared her review:

I was very thin and tall since my teenage. A few years back, I never found it as a problem for me but with time, I started to lose confidence. I keep on taking healthy diet so maybe I would gain some weight and increase my breast size but it all ends up in vain. I had literally very small breast size or you can say I don’t have any breast. This was giving me depression continuously. Then one day I started to search for breast surgeries and I found breast augmentation surgery Dubai suitable for me. When I was on the surgery bed I still remember it took only an hour to do augmentation surgery. Although after that I faced extreme pain it was somewhat bearable. Then after few days when I looked myself in the mirror, I wasn’t satisfied with the result. My breast had become very large at once because of swelling but after few months of proper care and medication, my breast size became ideal and same as what I desired to have.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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