BRAVA breast augmentation cost in Dubai

BRAVA breast augmentation cost in Dubai

BRAVA breast augmentation cost in Dubai Starts from AED 22000 ($5,989). The cost can increase or decrease depending upon the procedure.

BRAVA breast augmentation cost in Dubai is even less than the breast augmentation with fat transfer.

Brava is a revolutionary breast augmentation device that is worn externally on the breasts and it provides augmentation without causing any interruption in the routine of the patient. The BRAVA augmentation is applied for those people who are looking for long term treatment and cannot compromise on their daily routine. Device returns better shape, size and contouring of the breasts and all of it is achieved naturally.

How it works?

Brava Breast Augmentation device is worn like a BRA on both breasts and it has a device attached to it that monitors the breast. It applies suction pressure on the breasts and it causes the breast tissues to respond by expanding and replicating. The Pressure mounted on the breast is from three ways and the device keeps monitoring the pressure on both of the breasts so that equal pressure is exerted without causing any problem in routine of the patients.

Difference between BRAVA and Surgery

Breast Augmentation surgery is alternative for the BRAVA augmentation device but both have a lot of difference between them. Brava Augmentation is done without causing any pain or harm to the breasts and not even a single incision is made during the Brava Breast Augmentation but in case of Breast Augmentation surgery, you will be required to undergo a proper surgery and then proper rest for atleast a week before resuming the daily routine whereas in case of BRAVA augmentation, you will be able to carry out the daily routine and even sleep while the Brava device is at work.

Pros of Brava Augmentation

Brava Breast Augmentation allows the patient to achieve increase in shape, size and contour of the breasts without using any pills or any other device. It is approved by FDA and it can be worn under the daily clothes so that you don’t have to compromise on your daily routine. It has following features

  • Increase in breast Size from Half to Two Cup Size
  • Self monitoring device
  • Can be worn anywhere especially while sleeping
  • Permanent results
  • Doesn’t cause any pain
  • Proper gentle pressure on both breasts
  • Worn as a BRA.

The size and shape achieved by the BRAVA device is permanent in nature and is long lasting. The replication of the breast tissue not only grows the breast in a natural way but it improves contour and shape of the breasts with every passing day. You won’t need to compromise on your daily routine and since its worn underneath, nobody will be able to know if you are wearing BRAVA device or not.

Brava Augmentation Time

Brava breast augmentation is not done in one day and the device requires to be worn for ten hours daily. The constant pressure is un-noticeable and you can wear the device during sleep time as well without any problem. Brava augmentation device allows the patient to achieve as much as 2 cup increase in the breast in ten weeks time. You can wear the augmentation device for more time but that is dependent on your surgeon. Typically the results achieved by BRAVA augmentation are visible within the first four weeks and in ten weeks, you will be able to achieve your desired goal without any incision and any pain.

Brava Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai

Brava device is famous throughout the world and it has been effectively distributed through different vendors but it should be applied after proper consultation from the breast surgeon. BRAVA breast augmentation cost in Dubai for complete procedure varies between AED 22000 to AED 25000. 


BRAVA breast Augmentation and simple Breast Augmentation surgery differ a lot and the best procedure can only be picked out by plastic surgeon after determining your desired results and your skin type. Brava breast augmentation is ideal for those who are looking for increase in size and contour but cannot compromise on their routine whereas simple augmentation surgery can be done for those patients who are looking for multiple results and have enough time to spend home.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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