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Before & after breast surgery
simulation app in 3D

• Explore the results of breast surgery in a free consultation
• Foreknow the effects of breast surgery to you
• Get simulations of breast surgery results in free consultation

How Will I Look After Surgery?

Are you unsure what size of breast implant will look best for you? What about getting an advanced view of yourself before undergoing treatment and see how you will look after the surgery? Sounds great, isn’t it? Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai is providing this great venture for the ease and satisfaction of respected customers, FREE OF COST. With latest technology of Computer Imaging with Crisalix, a worldwide leading 3D plastic surgery application, you can get a simulated view of your new self from your home. It’s a great way for you to see your final looks before the treatment. You simply have to register yourself in the application, absolutely FREE, send us your picture and you will be given a simulated view of your treated breasts online. Get yours’ now, in a FREE consultation with our experts.

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