Male Breast Reduction Surgery – Is it the Best Way?

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery is the technique to eliminate the excess of hormonal imbalance in males and also to give them a flat breast appearance.

What is male breast reduction surgery?

Gynecomastia in Dubai is basically breast enlargement problem in males usually. Their breast internally gets an increase due to the imbalance of glands present in male’s breast. Especially in the teenage of men and puberty period of their development, breast enlargement is common. As these breast glandular tissues are present in very low or almost zero amount in males so when these glandular hormones begin to increase, they get imbalance hence resulting into the unusual increase in their breast size which often looks unappealing.

Male breast reduction surgery in this regard will prove to be helpful as it gives men a flat and muscular breast. It is the best procedure for those who have excessive glands in their breast which makes it appear as a particular breast.


How male breast reduction surgery works?

Male breast reduction Dubai can be done in so many ways and the surgical process. As for breast enlargement, the only way is to get the breast reduction surgery. Same is the case here, males who have larger breast because of any reason can get rid of it if they undergo breast reduction treatment through the various process. One of the common processes for this is breast reduction surgery.


Male breast reduction in Dubai have patients who can get the treatment by removing the extra fats from the breast area by using any of the above-mentioned technique and thus gain the flat muscular breast attractive and appealing. As breast reduction surgery takes away extra fatty tissues by making incisions beneath the skin same as it goes for women breast reduction

Why did it consider being the best?

As gynecomastia occurs when androgen hormones decrease in males so in this way males are the best candidate for breast reduction surgery who suffers from male hormonal imbalance. As every human being has all the hormones including both estrogen and androgen but the level of their quantity differs from male to female. Due to these variations sometimes imbalance occurs in both the cases causing estrogen level to boost up in males and thereby getting the enhancement of breast. Gynecomastia in Dubai, therefore, becomes necessary to deal with the breast enlargement in males thus creating the balance in male hormones to get the desired look back. Gynecomastia last from six months to two years if not proper care is being observed.  Also, Gynecomastia Dubai that develops in young age boys in their puberty period may likely to last for more than two years.

The ultimate goal of gynecomastia is to give males flat and masculine breast shape. It is usually done in men who have fats on their breast due to various reasons. With the help of breast reduction surgery, males can get rid of their internal medical problems and also reduce the extra fatty tissues deposited on their breast.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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