Effective ways for breast enlargement

breast enlargement surgery

Bigger boobs are the dream and choice of every woman and they do utmost effort to get them by using breast augmentation and breast enlargement surgeries. There are various methods to undergo breast enlargement surgery in the most effective way.

 What is breast enlargement?

Breast enlargement in Dubai is a way to increase the size of breast by giving it’s enough volume as per a female choice. Out of all the cosmetic surgeries known, breast enlargement surgery is the most used treatment among females. As due to hormonal imbalance or other diet issues, breasts start to shrink and lose its volume which then makes the utmost need of breast enlargement. It has taken by females of all age group and also for different reasons including after childbirth and breastfeeding, after cancer treatment, due to excessive dieting and because of hormonal changes as well.

What are the effective ways for breast enlargement?

Following are some of the useful techniques taken by women to gain volume in their breast under breast enlargement surgery. They are:

Fat grafting:

This is also a type of breast enlargement. Fat transfer is done by grafting the tissue of our own body into the breast by making small incisions. After fat grafting, size of the breast can be increased to up to your chosen level, providing you with your bust line.

Breast implants for breast enlargement:

This is a most common type of breast enlargement in Dubai and almost 70 percent of women opt for this. It uses different surgical implants including silicone and saline breast implant to be used the most. In this method, the surgeon will use the silicone shell to be placed inside the breast tissue and then the adhesive silicone gel would be injected into the breast thereby increasing its size to get the desired outcome. Two common types of breast implants are:

  • Silicone breast implants
  • Saline breast implants

Tissue grafting for breast implant:

Tissue-based breast reconstruction is thought to be the less risky technique to undergo the breast enlargement Dubai as it will use the patient’s own body tissue which would have the lower risk of developing various allergies or complications. Moreover, tissue-based surgery is considered to be the best option after cancer treatment for regaining of breast much effectively. Skillful surgeons are required to perform this breast reconstructive surgery as it is kind of complicated process.

Hormonal breast enlargement with growth hormone:

As estrogen is the main element whose deficiency in the body limits the growth of the breast so, its deficiency causes the breasts to decrease in size. If this problem is treated with estrogen from outside, then the breast enlargement can be done naturally. Estrogen is the hormone which if functions properly will give the desired bust line. As the size of the breast will increase, the length measurement of a bust line will also increase accordingly.


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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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