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Breast Implants are one of the most common surgical procedures being performed today, according to a study at National Cancer Institute one in every six female is likely to have complications in their breasts that will lead to breast implants. Breast implants procedure is done to change or enhance the shape, size and contour of the breasts.

History Of Breast Implants

Breast implants have been around since 19th century. In 1895 Vincenz Czerny was the one who applied the breast reconstruction procedure to the patient in order to create the new breast that was removed after the tumor. Since then, Breast Implants have gone through major development and nowadays the breast implants procedure is done with a lot less complications and the downtime is really less than the procedures being performed in early days. We’ve narrowed down the complete guide to breast implants.


There can be several reasons to undergo the breast implants procedure. Ideal candidates for the treatment of breast implants are the following people

  • Those looking for Boost in their self esteem
  • Looking for Increase of size in their small breasts
  • Who have one breast is larger than other
  • Suffering from changed breast shape after pregnancy
  • Cancer patients after mastectomy/ lumpectomy

Breast Implants

Breast Implants procedure is considered as the most effective and long lasting procedure available in breast reconstruction surgery. The breast Implant procedure is a two step procedure that is done by surgeon by placing implants inside the breast to enhance the size, shape and contour of the breasts. There are two types of implant materials being used one is saline based implant and other is silicon based implant. Both the materials are filled in the same way and provide almost same result but they have small variations in them which are discussed below.

Saline vs. Silicone

Both type of breast implants look good and provide enhanced contour of the breast but there are small differences between saline and silicone based breast implant procedure such as

As the name suggests, saline breast implants are essentially solid silicone based implants that are inserted inside the body with the help of small incisions. Due to nature of their built, they feel more like balloons and lack the natural feel but on brighter side, the saline based implants can be used to achieve any size and shape of the body.

Silicone based implants have been revised over the years and now 2006 FDA approved silicone implants are being used, silicone based implants are manufacturer filled and provide feel of a natural breast or nearly nature breast. They are appropriate for the women who lack natural feel of the breasts.

Surgery Procedure

Breast Implants procedure is done under the supervision of experienced surgeon, whole breast implants procedure is done in two steps. In first step, the surgeon places augmentation device in the breast to enhance size of the implant tissue and then permanent breast implant is placed inside the expanded tissue for enhanced shape and size of the breast. Guide to Breast Implants has narrowed down the two step procedure as under

Step 1

The first step of breast implants includes placement of breast tissue expander inside the breast to achieve the desired breast augmentation size and shape. Surgeon makes incision inside the breast from the nipple area and places the tissue expander device inside the breast.  Expander has tiny valve that is used to fill the tissue expander gradually with saline water and it takes from weeks to month to expand the breast tissue using the tissue expander. During this procedure, you will be required to visit the surgeon on weekly or bi-weekly basis and after the breasts have reached the certain size, you will be called for breast implant procedure.

Step 2

After your breasts tissues have reached the required expansion size, the surgeon will perform the breast implant procedure by removing the tissue expander and by placing the saline or silicone implants inside the body. The surgery will take time and after surgery you will be kept in ICU for some hours and in general unit for some days then you will be advised post procedural care and allowed to go home.

Home care

After you’ve reached home, you will not be allowed to move from your bed for two days and only small moments in the bed will be allowed. After first examination that is generally four-seven days of surgery, you will be allowed to move in the house but showers and other activities will not be allowed for over one week. Weekly examinations will be done and surgeon will guide you on care from time to time but generally you won’t be allowed to lift weight or run or perform exercises for over three weeks. Proper diet plan will be advised along with proper prescription so that you can recover without any long or short term side effects. The total time from surgery to recovery is considered to be forty days but surgeon will give the final verdict.


Although the breast implants have gone through several advancements and are safer and better than ever before but still there can be complications and problems after the breast implant surgery.

  • Breast pain
  • Change in Sensation of nipples and breasts
  • Scarring

Surgeons say that above mentioned problems might be felt right after the breast implant surgery and they are bound to go away after two weeks but if they persist, contact your surgeon. There are some complications that are not meant to be felt after the breast implants and if you encounter any of the problems, contact your surgeon immediately

  • Bleeding
  • Asymmetry in the breasts or nipples
  • Tissue raptures
  • Infection
  • Scar tissue formation

Life of breast implants

Breast implants don’t last a lifetime but they are being gradually improved. Life of breast implants is said to be between 12-18 years but their expiry time depends on your skin type and how well you manage them. Generally a good breast implant on a mid age female lasts 10 years but you can contact your surgeon for more personalized answer.


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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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