Checklist for Breast Implant Surgeries


Breast Implant Surgeries Checklist

The breast implant surgeries need much attention of the patient. Great results can be obtained if the patient follows the guidelines. The following points must be kept in mind before the procedure.


One Month Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Healthy Eating:is important.

Getting Tested: is necessary.

Menstrual Cycle: info must be shared with surgeon.

Sick? Abort Mission: because you must feel well.

Ceasing Nicotine Usage: because it is not good.

Take Someone with You: who could drive your home.

Building Abdominal Strength: is good for the surgery.


Two/Three Weeks Before Breast Augmentation Surgery 

Stay Healthy: adopt ahealthy lifestyle.

Inquire:the surgeon about your current medicine.

Take it Easy: do not take that can cause an injury.

Shop for Your Post-Surgical Bra: because it is necessary.


One Week Before Breast Augmentation Surgery 

Shave Early: because it will become difficult to raise arms.

Avoid Pregnancy: because it is not good for you to have it during surgery.

Fill Those Prescriptions: recommended by the surgeon.

Form New Sleeping Habits: because sleeping well is necessary.

Stock up on Entertainment: to have fun while recovering.


A Few Days Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Stay Hydrated: by drinking plenty of water.

Clean the House:to live in healthy environment.

Stay Moisturized: so purchase a rich body cream.

Prepare Your Body:by taking special exercises.

Purchase Groceries: to rest well afterward.

Take Fruits not Vegetables: to spend agood time on thebed.

Get the Cotton Night Gown Ready: to wear after the surgery.


24 Hours Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Use Recommended Soap
  • Sleep Well before Surgery
  • Avoid Eating after Midnight
  • Avoid Nail Polish and Makeups
  • Purchase Heating Pad to Rest on
  • Save your Surgeon’s Mobile Number
  • Don’t Forget To Document the Surgery


The Day of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Stay Clean:before the surgery.

Sleep Well: the night before the surgery.

Take Shower: before leaving for the clinic.

Stay Comfortable: active,mindful,and relaxed.

Remind Your Surgeon: before leaving home to confirm the appointment.


Taking Care of Yourself After a Breast Augmentation

  • Avoid bathing
  • Take proper rest
  • Avoid Certain pills
  • Shape Up the body
  • Keep the Fiber Ready
  • No Wining and Dining
  • Stay Strong and healthy
  • Document the procedure
  • Avoid Coffee and caffeine
  • Be careful about Infections
  • Completely Avoid Pool Dips
  • Remove treatment Markings
  • Do not rub the treatment site
  • Regularly wear the Support Bra
  • Regularly take prescribed medicine
  • Numb Sensitive Nipples to avoid discomfort
  • You will have to handle the emotional imbalance


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