Breast Reconstruction Recovery Guide

breast reconstruction recovery

Breast Reconstruction: A Myth or Reality?

Surgical procedures always have healing or recovery period. It is due to the reason that some damage to the skin or body is caused by these surgical procedures. Surgeons always try to keep side effects to a minimum level. Nevertheless, some sort of damage is inevitable and this heals during the recovery period. The recovery period after the breast reconstruction spans over the coming weeks.

Breast Reconstruction is Weeks Long

As a matter of fact, the breast reconstruction procedure is not completed in one session. You will have to visit your surgeon for at least three times until the breast reconstruction procedure is completed. In the first session, the breast is reconstructed. In the second and the third sessions, the areola & nipple are reconstructed. Sometimes, the reconstruction of areola and nipple is performed in one session.

Recovery is also Weeks Long

Just like the whole procedure of the breast reconstruction surgery, the recovery process of breast reconstruction is also long. You will receive a long list of instructions from your doctor that you need to follow carefully if you want to avoid risks and need the optimal results. A breast reconstruction procedure can be taken after lumpectomy and mastectomy.

Does Recovery Depend on the Method Used?

The recovery period also depends on the breast reconstruction method you choose. Tissue flap breast reconstructions involve longer surgery and recovery times compared with implants breast reconstruction. As a matter of fact, in terms of time of surgery, the breast reconstruction surgery can be divided into two types: immediate reconstruction and delayed reconstruction. The time and the nature of recovery are different in these two types. As far as scars are concerned, it can take from 18 months to two years for scars to fully settle and fade.

Recovering after Breast Reconstruction

The breast recovery period can be divided into recovery after the breast reconstruction, recovery after the areola reconstruction, and recovery after the nipple reconstruction.

  • Your Feeling: Feeling anxious, uncomfortable, or depressed after the breast reconstruction surgery is common.
  • Marriage Life: If it feels completely comfortable, then women can have intercourse with husband or partner during the recovery process.
  • Hospital Stay:  The patient will have to stay for up to two days in case of implant-based reconstructions. In the case of tissue-based reconstruction, you may have to live for about 4 to 7 days in the hospital.
  • Wearing a Bra: There are no specific rules regarding wearing of bra during the recovery period. Some surgeons even instruct women to start wearing a bra right after the surgery.
  • Pain or Discomfort: Pain and discomfort are the byproducts of every surgery. The level of pain the patient experiences after the surgery varies greatly. Do not worry! The pain thus gained can easily be controlled with the painkillers only prescribed by your doctor.
  • Looking After your Skin:  Your wound may feel itchy during the healing process. It may take up to 6 weeks for wounds to heal fully.
  • Work and Everyday Activities: The patient will have to avoid exercise and strenuous activities in the recovery period.  

Choosing the Right Clinic

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