What happens when a breast implant rupture?

breast implant rupture

Breast implant rupture is a common complexity. Some breast implant rupture throughout the first few months, however the older your breast implant is, the higher the possibility of breast implant rupture. However, the possibility of breast implant rupture is higher for people who have breast implants for more than 10 years. Breast Implants in Dubai treatment is done in two ways. One is saline water procedure and other is silicone bag procedure, both the procedures provide identical results but have different reactions and outcomes on the breast implant rupture.

Saline Breast  implant rupture

When saline (salt water) breast implants rupture, it’ll in all probability leak terribly quickly. the implant ‘deflates,’ very similar to a balloon that has lost all the air. Your breasts can change their size and shape and the saline will start leaking and the leaked material will be absorbed by the body. Although the saline is harmless in nature but it causes pain and irritation in the skin and the affected area is said to undergo swelling, pain and redness. Saline water is harmless in nature but it could’ve been added with other materials for stability that can cause severe infection so when the saline implant ruptures, you should rush to your plastic surgeon for quick medication.

Finding the Saline Rupture

Saline implant ruptures are sometimes obvious. It can be caused by anything hard hitting your body or maybe it can be caused by an accident. The common way to find out about the saline rupture is to study the sudden change in your implant size and shape and the pain around the chest area can also describe the condition.

Silicone implant rupture

When a Silicone gel implant breaks, the contents sometimes leak terribly slowly but it will be causing constant irritation in the skin and will cause pain in the body. Unlike saline implants, the silicone gel implants leaks over the years and it’s not visible to the naked eye. The most helpful diagnosis is to get monthly checkup from the doctor.

If the Implant rupture happens, it can be stopped by the layers of connective tissues in the body that grow naturally around the breast area but if the rupture is of large scale, it can leak and may reach the lower nodes of the arms and can cause complications in the body. If silicone rupture is heavy in size, it can cause complications in lungs, circulatory system and can cause major dis-functionalities. If leak is not detected on time, it will cause the rupture to reach even lower parts of the body.

Finding the Silicone rupture

Unlike the saline implants, silicone rupture is hard to find and requires proper attention to be detected. The first way to find out if your silicone implant has ruptured is to just check both the breasts for any change in size and shape. It is hard to detect and can be undetected for weeks if not checked properly. Silicone ruptures can be detected by the pain but not necessarily in the breast region, the ruptured breast implant pain can be caused in the lower arms region or in other parts of the body.

Can Implant ruptures cause sickness?

Ruptured implants don’t cause my problems especially the saline bag implants but a broken implant surely causes irritation, swelling and redness in the body. According to FDA, women with broken implants are more likely to be affected by fibromyalgia and other diseases. Health risks are not measured but in case of Silicone implant rupture, your body can undergo heavy stress and if it has traveled to your inner nodes of body, serious problems can occur.

What do I do if my implant breaks?

Busted implants can be saved if you detected them before impact. In either cases of silicone or saline bag implant, you should contact your plastic surgeon as soon as you know about the rupture and if possible, get rid of the busted implant as keeping the busted implant for longer period of time can lead to other severe problems.

In Case of Saline bag implant, the plastic surgeon may be able to fill the saline again but in most of the cases, breast implants require to be replaced or removed at least.

In case of silicone-based implants, you will be required to get the implant removed as it can lead to complex situations and may cause problems in your circulatory and respiratory system as well.

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