Breast Augmentation Recovery time

Breast Augmentation in Dubai is a procedure to correct the deformities of the breast that may be caused due to different factors. Breast Augmentation procedure has been around since 19th century and has gone through rapid developments. Breast Augmentation procedure allows the patient to get a new looks and boosted confidence in just one procedure. The procedure is done in different variations based on the requirements of the patients to provide tailored results.  Breast augmentation procedure is different from the breast surgery procedure and it has shorter time and is safer. Depending upon the adopted breast augmentation procedure the breast reconstruction recovery time varies, it can be from three days to two weeks.

Why is breast Augmentation done?

Breast augmentation procedure is typically done on the patients who have got sagging breasts or their breasts have lost their shape due to some reason. For example pregnancy period changes the shape and size of the breasts and often leaves them sagging. Sometimes the puberty causes one breast to appear larger than the other one; the mentioned reasons cause the body to appear bad and become a major cause of loss of confidence and personality. Breast augmentation is done to reshape and resize the breast and to improve the contour of the breast and allows the patient to get back their confidence and personality; it can be applied to both of the breasts but single breast augmentation is also done.

Breast Augmentation Facts

We’ve listed down the facts and tips related to breast Augmentation procedure that might be helpful for you

  • Roughened implants may look hard but they have no or less chance of rippling as compared to smooth implants.
  • Smooth implants have the next incidence of capsule muscle contraction (hardening of the implant) than unsmooth implants.
  • Implants placed beneath the muscle end in additional pain postoperatively however a lower incidence of capsule muscle contraction and rippling of breasts whereas the augmentation implant placed above the tissue are easier and cause less or no pain but have small changes of raptures or infection.
  • Infection and raptures are rare however should be treated promptly.
  • A certain variety of patients may have another surgery to get correct shape.
  • Breast Augmentation isn’t for lifetime but can go for over twelve-eighteen years

Recovery Time

Breast Augmentation procedure is done quicker than the breast reconstruction procedure and it has shorter recovery time. Recovery time in general is dependent upon several factors such as

  • Your body type
  • Your skin sensitivity
  • Medical history
  • Type of breasts
  • Type of procedure
  • Medicines used

There are other factors as well that cause changes in recovery time of the breast augmentation procedure depending upon the patient such as Pain, Swelling, Scars, Massage, Exercise, Infection etc.

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Recovery from the Pain

Generally for a successful Breast Augmentation procedure normal recovery time according to Real Life doctors is three days as the patients are able to resume their daily routine after three days of sub glandular augmentation. For the patients who opt for sub-muscular breast augmentation procedure, the recovery time is eight days.


Recovery time based on swelling is long as the scars start forming after one week of breast augmentation procedure and will stay for three months. You will be given proper medicines for the scarring and it will be minimal in one year and will fade away in few months.


The breasts will feel swollen right after the treatment and this condition will stay for one week and swelling will start to fade in next few weeks and you will be able to get rid of swelling in three months after the treatment.

Post Op Care

Breast Augmentation procedure allows the patient to recover enough to be able to resume daily routine in one week, the scars and swelling heal within three to six months. Surgeon will advise the post operational care and you will not be allowed to

  • Exercise
  • Lift heavy objects
  • Sleep in position that may affect breasts
  • Swear tight clothes

If proper care isn’t taken then it will cause delay in breast augmentation recovery time and can lead to long or short term side effects.

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Written By: Dr. Ken Arashiro

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