Breast Reduction in Dubai

Breast Reduction In Dubai

Breast reduction in Dubai  is done to reduce the breast size after there have been excessive fatty deposits in the breasts. This excess fatty deposit usually leads to several health and cosmetic issues.  Usually, excessive fats can be reduced through several procedures to achieve the best shape of the body but when it comes to breasts, a specialist in breast reduction surgery is required to treat the most sensitive part of the female body.

Breast reduction surgery is done to improve the shape of the breasts and to get rid of the excessive fatty tissues and skin cells around the breast area. The reduced breasts have an improved shaped with the help of advanced techniques. The best results after a breast reduction surgery can be achieved without causing much scarring to the body.

Why you need Breast reduction in Dubai?

Excessively large breast not only cause cosmetic problems but can also be the reason for many medical conditions. Some of these problems include:

  • Neck ache
  • Painful shoulders
  • Backbone problems
  • Bra straps indention
  • Exercise discomfort
  • Problems in dressing up
  • Discomfort in the breast area
  • Irritation underneath the breasts

Candidates For breast reduction in Dubai

In order to qualify as a perfect candidate for a Breast Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you need to comprise on the instructions of your doctor. In general, the instructions include but not limited to the following;

  • You are more than 18 year old
  • You should be physically healthy
  • You should be mentally healthy as well
  • You have shoulder indentations from bra straps
  • You have skin irritation beneath the breast crease
  • You have the breast that limits your physical activity
  • You should not be a smoker or you will have to quit smoking
  • You should have realistic expectations with the results of the procedure
  • You should have a strong feeling that your breasts are larger than normal
  • You experience back, neck, or shoulder pain due to the weight of the breast


A Breast Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi revolves around achieving a variety of goals. The most common goals for breast reduction surgery include the following. Some of the most important goals a typical breast reduction in Dubai surgery has are listed below;

  • To improve one’s overall physique
  • To remove excess skin from the breast
  • To improve nipple position on the breast
  • To remove extra fats from the breast area
  • To improve the shape and size of the breasts
  • To make both of the breasts proportional to each other



a graphical image of breast reduction dubai showing incision types and the breast reduction procedure.

Breast reduction surgery is done by an experienced and qualified surgeon who examines the breast first to determine the best treatment according to the breast shape and size. Anesthesia is used to numb the pain of the procedure. The technique used is known as pre-defined incision type.

The excessive tissues and cells are removed from the breasts to reduce the size and the incisions are closed with care to minimize scarring. The results of the procedure can be seen instantly but the scarring can take months before it starts to diminish.  There are different kinds of incisions that can be done to achieve different types of breast shapes. Most breast surgery incisions start from the nipple with the surgeon using a certain angle to remove the excessive cells and breast tissues. Afterwards, the nipple is then lifted to give the breast a normal shape.

There are different types of breast incisions and all of them follow either vertical or horizontal breast incision to achieve good shape of the breasts. Some of the breast incision processes include:

  • Anchor-type breast reduction

It is also known as T-type reduction and it results in anchor type shape after the breast reduction surgery.

  • Vertical type breast reduction

In this type of breast reduction Surgery Dubai, the technique used starts from the nipple and travels vertically. It results in less scarring but it is not ideal for excessively large breasts. On the other hand, it is best for medium breast size. The vertical type of breast reduction surgery results usually take a bit of time to show.

  • Circumareolar Breast reduction

As the name indicates, the only scar formed after the breast reduction surgery is in the shape of a circle and in the form of the areola. The incision is done on the areola of the breast and is ideal for short treatments when only a small portion of the breast requires removal.

Breast reduction dubai incision types

Three different incision types used in breast reduction surgery in dubai

Benefits Of Breast reduction surgery dubai

Breast reduction in dubai is usually a threefold procedure. This is physical, aesthetic and psychological, meaning that the surgery can be done on any of the three conditions either to boost the shape of the body or to shape the figure or to boost self-esteem. The breasts expand in size after pregnancy and can start to sag afterward. In puberty, excessively large breasts could be formed due to irregular hormonal changes and may result in a disproportionate physique.

A breast reduction in dubai procedure delivers long-lasting and natural-looking breast contouring results. You will not longer experience the pain due to the weight of your breasts. You will become limitless regarding physical movements. The amazing results of the procedure will boost your self-esteem, enhance your self-confidence, and will make you very happy about your body. It is important to mention that over time your breasts can change due to aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal factors and gravity.

Pre-Operation Care

The preparation of Breast reduction treatment Dubai should be done in an organized way to get the best results and to avoid the entire risks associated with the procedure. Some of the important instructions before this procedure are listed below;

  • You will have to quit smoking in advance of this surgery
  • You will have to get a baseline mammogram before surgery
  • You will have to get all of the lab tests prescribed by your doctor
  • You will have to take all of the medication prescribed by your doctor
  • You will have to avoid taking medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding

Post-Operation Care

For better results and to avoid risks, you will have to take great care after the procedure. Your doctor will communicate the post-operation instructions in detail. Some of these important instructions are listed below;

  • If absorbable stitches are used, they will absorb soon
  • You will have to keep visiting your doctor for check up
  • Your will be able to resume normal activities after a few weeks
  • You may have to wear bandages or a specific dressing after the procedure
  • Your doctor will prescribe some medication to make the treated area heal early
  • You will have to stay at the hospital for some time after the completion of the surgery.
  • You will have to take another mammogram after the surgery to help detect any future changes in your breast tissue

Cost Of Breast Reduction in Dubai

The Cost of Breast Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi varies from person to person and from clinic to clinic. It is due to the reason that different people face a different kind of problem and clinic charge the fee as per the experience of the surgeon. At Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai, we offer advanced breast reduction treatment at 35,000 AED. If you cannot afford it, please contact us for an interest-free loan and you will be able to pay it back in easy monthly installments.

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Is breast reduction permanent?

It comes as no surprise that the treatment delivers natural-looking and long-lasting Breast Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi results. A breast reduction surgery is generally permanent but the remaining fat cells will swell if you put on weight. In the case of pregnancy, the tissues swell and store milk.

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

As a general practice, liposuction technique is used to reduce the size of the breast. The surgeon makes tiny incisions and enters cannula to suck the excessive deposits of fat under the skin. Thus the shape of the breast is contoured with this procedure.

How many techniques are there for breast reduction?

As a matter of fact, there is more than one technique for Breast Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. One of the famous breast reduction techniques is manual breast reduction technique. In this technique, the surgeon will manually remove excess tissue. The other technique is called tumescent technique. It is similar to liposuction.

What does a typical breast reduction consultation entail?

There are some important points your surgeon will take into account. Firstly, the surgeon will discuss goals with you. Then you surgeon will show you the sample or real before and after pictures based on his or her research. Discussing your medical history, eating, and drinking habits is also important. Taking X-ray and/or mammogram is also an important step of consultation. Sometimes, surgeons also instruct to take some blood, pregnancy, etc. tests.

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